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Well, 330ci can almost keep up with similar year boxter, one of the fastest P plate cars, the only ones that are faster are Honda S2000 and some Alfa, not interested in any. For $15k there is no car that does everything better than a 330ci or 530i, i haven't found any. When I had 330ci it had 260ks on the clock, never needed any major repairs just service, heaps of aftermarket parts available for different price range, that thing sat on redline for 2-3 minutes  couple of times. temp guage didn't go up more than 3/5. Engine has been tested, all general parameters were fine, ate a bit of oil maybe 0.5L in every 1500ks of being driven like stolen, so... they aren't bad car. E30 had over 300ks engine was fine just needed service, diff was fucked, replacement was $300 ahhaha.

PS. seems like some of u struggle to pick up girls tho, I manage just fine on "Southern Star" bicycle from k-mart for $100 (until it got stolen).

It's a pity that majority of australian car buyers are lazy fucks and prefer to buy auto and believe that if it aint got an auto it's not luxury enough, for that reason no manual E60 were brought over, but for $15K that car pretty much shits over everything else that is available when dynamics, quality, reliability etc factors are combined keeping in mind that M54B30 was best engine of the year for 3 years in a row and it's successor N52B30 was for 2 gives. 7.1s to 100 isn't bad for a fat ass sedan with a tv on it and just having a little baby NA straight 6 under the bonnet and that's for an auto too...
Anyway, i'll see if i manage to get to germany, i guess that's the best place to be looking for a porsche on budget) thx anyway, but did no help ahahhaha)

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I'm actually in a fairly similar situation so I thought I would chime in.

I think the 330ci/330i/530i are great options for that price range. I've had to stop myself numerous times from making the commitment (as appealing as the thought was!).

The reality is that if you invest your $15k which you have done well to save up, you will be able to afford bigger and better toys later in life - which I assume you do want at some point given you are after a Porsche at 20. You will most likely thank yourself later down the track for doing so too.

Think of the big picture and decide on where you want to be in the long-term. I think that will help you clarify which Porsche you should buy, or whether you should buy one in the first place.

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