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Oh, dear God!!!!!!

Toy-Jet - Worlds’s First LS1 Porsche 911 Conversion… Porsche on the Outside, LS-1 Engine on the Inside. CRAZYNESS INDEED!! Check it out, its for real and upon a quick analysis this modified 911 must kick ASS to drive!

The SUPERCHARGED Z06 engine seems to fit beautifully in the back of this 911, and apparently weighs less than the original Porsche engine.

I absolutely love this guys descriptive writeup:

Warning: Make sure you are buckled up and the car is lined up perfectly parallel to the roadway before take off.

1st gear is short and brief.

At the instant you shift into second gear, then disengage the clutch, you will find yourself pinned into the seat while blood rushes violently towards the back of your head to feed this sensation. The violence has just began. This Beast when held in second gear, to 7000 revolutions per minute, will shift out at about 85 to 90mph. Unfortunately this does not give you much time to recuperate.

3rd gear allow you to recover briefly, but only after you reach 5500 rpm.

The Supercharger boost is almost instantaneous. This makes it very difficult to convince your passenger you are not secretly pushing a 200 shot of NOS while accelerating this Beast through the

4th gear will take you well beyond take-off speed for the average 747-Jet plane.

5th gear is ridiculous. This gear is for those who are insane or have no fear. The faster you go the less courage you may experience, unless you have seniority in the Indy car drivers club. You will find yourself short shifting into fifth gear at about 165mph. only to disappear into the sunset.

This Beast is only as ferocious as the nut behind the steering wheel. With all of the above considered, it is also quite docile. My wife uses this car for getting groceries and going to the local neighborhood meetings.

In Conclusion:
This Beast is Awesome, Insane, but also very fun and exciting to drive.

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Jeez thats rediculous...

If you're not wasted, the day is.

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actually, it's awesome.

i'm putting that engine in my car next time.

I love my car. Buy your own

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I can't see how it could keep itself cool enough

That shape 911 has terrible thermal efficiency and dynamics..

SURELY, it'd overheat if given a squirt more than occasionally.

Or have they put radiators up the front?

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His quarter mile time to date is (11.94 sec at 114 mph) and was accomplished with a conservative take off because of the stock Porsche axles.

Weight of LS1 engine -vs- the Porsche 3.0 stock engine: 56 lbs. lighter
Weight of (ToyJet) cooling system -vs- stock Porsche Wing: - 35 lbs. heavier

The porsche 911 equipped with the LS1 conversion and Toy-Jet cooling system installation yields a
combined weight savings of 21 pounds lighter at the rear of the vehicle!!!

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yeah, I can see the whole wing is the radiator... but it just LOOKS wrong...

plus... all that coolant 3 feet up in the air... gotta be bad centre of gravity..... *shudder*

oh well, it's better than scrapping it.

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And it's a Targa so it'd have more flex than a BB.  :rolleyes:

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