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Racing / Re: Australian GT series
« on: Fri, 24 Mar, 2017 - 17:14 »
Congrats Scud, well done.. Makes it hard to get sponsors when these idiots dont cover the races on TV.  :hissyfit:

.....and well done part time visitor Yasser for getting through to twelth.  :rad

Off Topic / Re: When Denistry goes Bad!
« on: Mon, 27 Feb, 2017 - 19:55 »
So I just had the second stage of a root cannal done;

Did not go well!

The "instrument Fractured" leaving me with 2-3 mm of steel needle in my third root!!!

8mm of possibly still infected root is behind it and they cant get it out!!

My options (according to them) is;
A) FOR ME to pay for endondist $2000-2500 to do the cannal again and a possible +$300 to get out the instrument tip out thats lodged in there.
B) wait three months, open the tooth again, add more antibiotics, then wait three months do again with permenant cap and always have the instrument in there. Oh and that 8mm of root may still get infected again and mean I need to get the $2500 job done anyway.
C) Easy out set from ebay. With pictorial instructions.  :argh:

Off Topic / Re: Aussie Politics
« on: Mon, 27 Feb, 2017 - 10:41 »
Also, weren't the peak ore prices under the Rudd/Gillard government?  what did they do with that money?  I know they definitely wiped out the budget.

Gave most of it to Gina and Co... Didn't Rudd get dumped for daring to tax the mining companies. At the time I rated his IQ in the low 30's.. He should never have tried to tax them, he should have profit shared. Them doing the work, Australia providing the minerals, both sides profit sharing. He stupidly wanted to call it a tax and died on his sword.

Off Topic / Re: Aussie Politics
« on: Thu, 23 Feb, 2017 - 16:54 »
They have less delivery staff doing bigger areas so the volume per postman has actually increased according to a mate that has been a postie for 30 years. There is no need to not deliver every day. They've started using electric pushbikes as well. That could make for a huge saving over motorbikes.

Electric Cars / Re: Do It !
« on: Thu, 23 Feb, 2017 - 16:37 »
Sorry to hear it.  Imagine how bad it would be if you daily drove something the size of a supertanker like a 3 series or larger.

I presume an ST?  How do you like it?

I love it, great little toy, not wild, but fun.

Electric Cars / Re: Do It !
« on: Thu, 23 Feb, 2017 - 14:20 »
Well imo a bmw 3 series car is still too big to have in town.

To be honest I find my Fiesta too big lol

Doesn't make me laugh, it's driving me nuts. :(
I bought a Fiesta last October and some idiot has dented or scraped it at least once every month since. I park away from cars on purpose but somehow it still happens, found a new dent today. The thing has beautiful dark blue metallic paint and they're making a mess of it. I can really see why people take up two spaces so often these days.

Off Topic / Re: and today you bought...
« on: Mon, 20 Feb, 2017 - 18:46 »
Jag Xk140 OTS project. Orig Cali car. No rust at all!!
Congrats Alvin, body looks very schmick.  :lovies:

Off Topic / Re: Aussie Politics
« on: Tue, 14 Feb, 2017 - 09:54 »
Welcome to Melbourne
Vote Greens

You'd want to pack your taser if you were going out anywhere with fireworks around Melbourne in the future.

Lotus / Re: Esprit V8 GT
« on: Mon, 13 Feb, 2017 - 23:37 »
He's adjusting his price to match the fuel price cycle.

Went up 40 cents a litre here in one day.. does the ACCC actually exist in this country?

British Cars / Re: Bentayga
« on: Fri, 10 Feb, 2017 - 03:28 »
Have to admit Porsche have had massive sales success going into 4x4. When they came out they were thought as of very ugly, well at least by myself. Talk about the looks growing on people, now a Cayenne is something I'd consider.

When I first saw the name Bentayga, I asked myself, did they seriously use that name, couldn't they come up with something better than that?

For those asking for a pic.

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