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Cars / Re: '08 Superleggera or LP560-4
« on: Thu, 04 Dec, 2014 - 22:01 »
Looks neat in primer, what colour is it gonna be when they finish painting it?

Lotus / Re: Buying an Esprit
« on: Thu, 04 Dec, 2014 - 11:17 »
I just found out that no they won't.

In fact, they weren't even reasonable, nor did they have much understanding of the type of car I have.
You cant try and increase the value by saying it has an F40 windscreen Aircon.

Cars / Re: Spotted thread
« on: Tue, 02 Dec, 2014 - 20:08 »
Avoid $200k in stamp duty
Probably has a dealers license anyway.

Off Topic / Re: The Transcontinental BS thread
« on: Tue, 02 Dec, 2014 - 14:35 »
I'm somewhat the opposite. Having too much to do brings on this siege mentality that sharpens my focus.

Only having a couple of things on the list has the opposite effect.

I'm normally like that, always do 10 things at once but like amgsl55 its the business decision that is messing with my usually sharp mind.

Off Topic / Re: The Transcontinental BS thread
« on: Tue, 02 Dec, 2014 - 13:14 »
I live like that everyday  :doh:

I'd hate it. It feels like being depressed because I'm over thinking everything. Thinking too hard is not something that I'm used to. ;)

Make a list, it will give you the illusion of being organized and then just ignore the list and keep on trucking

I'm liking that plan.  :D

Off Topic / Re: The Transcontinental BS thread
« on: Tue, 02 Dec, 2014 - 12:21 »
Ive heard of people having so much to do that they cant work out what to do first and end up doing nothing. I thought that was crazy until it happened to me yesterday.

I have several business opportunities open at the moment and I really cant work out which way to go. My head is spinning and Ive changed my mind several times in the last two weeks. I'm thinking about it so much that I feel like I'm depressed. So when I set out what I needed to do yesterday everything seemed too hard and I got nothing done until late last night.

Anyone else ever been in this situation?

Cars / Re: Port Adelaide Sprint Race.
« on: Tue, 02 Dec, 2014 - 12:07 »
This thing is only 2 weeks away. I didnt even know that.

I wonder what kind of crowd they'll get and how much last minute promotion they'll be doing. Everything seems be kept quiet to me these days because I dont watch tv or read the paper very often.

Driving / Re: A losing battle...
« on: Mon, 01 Dec, 2014 - 23:58 »
From our friends at SAPOL

Launching Operation Safe Hills today, a senior police officer warned motorcyclists they are squarely the focus of the SA Police five month-long safety campaign.
Superintendent Bob Fauser, the Officer in Charge of Traffic Support Branch, said the number of deaths and serious injuries involving motorcyclists and their passengers had increased as a proportion of road trauma in South Australia.
"That increase comes as other road user trauma has generally decreased," he said.
"On average motorcyclists account for just above three percent of all registered vehicle but about 16 percent of all fatalities."
Operation Safe Hills addresses the increased risk to road users when motorcyclists take their bikes out for a ride during the warmer months.
The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) supports Operation Safe Hills. MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said a new set of motorcycle safety resources had also been released on the MAC website and MAC's Mick Doohan motorcycle safety campaign recently aired across SA.
"We have also invested $1.4 million in the installation of motorcycle barriers beneath existing guard rails on 14 South Australian roads, as part of the MAC Road Safety Infrastructure Fund," Mr Cornish said.
This year Operation Safe Hills will run from 1 December 2014 until 30 April 2015.
It will again involve the covert deployment of speed cameras across the Adelaide Hills region, including Barossa and Hills Fleurieu Local Service Areas.

Number Plates / Re: SA Historic Plate Online Auction Nov 2014
« on: Mon, 01 Dec, 2014 - 21:37 »
Worst $100 bucks I've ever spent entering mine.

Maybe the wrong time of year for it. People have other financial things on their minds.

Off Topic / Re: Dogs
« on: Mon, 01 Dec, 2014 - 21:35 »
You need to put up a No Snakes Allowed sign Dean. If theyre smart enough to find a weakness to get in they should be smart enough to read the signs.

Glad your little family member pulled through.

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