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Ferrari Videos / Re: New Ferrari F12tdf exhaust note!
« on: Mon, 09 Nov, 2015 - 14:30 »
Trev does add his to existing threads. Normally. :)

Racing / Re: MotoGP
« on: Sun, 08 Nov, 2015 - 14:22 »
I think he will overtake plenty of bikes very quickly, anything is possible when someone is really pissed off.

American Muscle / Re: Australian delivered Mustang prices released.
« on: Sat, 07 Nov, 2015 - 16:43 »
Ford Oz to sell 500kW Mustangs. Roush Performance kits for Mustang and Mountune-fettled ST hot hatches to be available via Australian Ford dealers. Prices look pretty good.

Off Topic / Re: Real Estate
« on: Sat, 07 Nov, 2015 - 01:35 »
Great pickup. Have you been to the house before?

No, they appear to be an opposition set up.  :gnasher:

Italian Cars / Re: Merak SS for sale in Melbourne
« on: Fri, 06 Nov, 2015 - 21:48 »
He upgraded to a Ferrari 328 last night as it turns out.
Then the cops stole it off him and blamed someone else.

Ferrari / Re: The BS Ferrari chat thread
« on: Fri, 06 Nov, 2015 - 20:45 »
The cops will be looking for any suspects with a grudge against the owner or the mechanic... Id say Aircon is probably already on their suspect list... leave a note on the front door asking them to knock, not just kick it in PP.  :thumbsup:

Italian Cars / Re: Merak SS for sale in Melbourne
« on: Fri, 06 Nov, 2015 - 20:40 »
yes I did mate.
I left a voice message on your phone earlier.
are you the person who had the Merak SS restored in Melb a few years back.
if so, id like to chat to you as I have an identical car that i'm restoring right now and having trouble getting the paint code.
I'm in WA, you have my mobile number. send me a text when i can call you or just call when you can.

No that was Julian... Mondi only had one for a few hours when he found one unlocked in Lygon Street a few summers back.

Off Topic / Re: Real Estate
« on: Fri, 06 Nov, 2015 - 20:31 »
while I'm not entirely focused on the capital gains...of course they would be nice,  I'm more focused on having property paid off as soon as possible.

take this for example. not a complete shit hole, although the area is a bit whatever...

Is the tenant a sex club? .. only matresses and couches in the place..

Good price though.. go for it, now is the right time.

Any damage to BHP share prices today after the dam collapse?

* Just listened to the recording on the link saying share prices have dived.

Jaguar / Re: The cool Jaguar photo thread
« on: Thu, 05 Nov, 2015 - 12:50 »
I'd take the Jags as well. I'd sell the XJ220 to Andrei for a baragin price and still own 2 really cool Jags.  :p

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