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Funny Cool Stoopid / Re: it's funny cause i'm drunk!!
« on: Sun, 18 Jan, 2015 - 21:58 »
Photo i took out the front of the Ferrari factory....

Lambo in grey primer... he was probably taking it in to get some nice Maranello red paint instead of that horrible Rosso Mars. :p

Racing / Re: Adelaide motorsport park
« on: Sun, 18 Jan, 2015 - 18:23 »
well, I'll tell you why I'm not. Sure, Yasser was a bit cheeky, but the cop pulled him over for having tinted windows. He wasn't selling drugs, assaulting someone or doing 250kph....his windows were a bit dark, and that is all.

So the cop had to cop some bloody what? The cop was more aggressive and officious than he needed to be....bearing in mind that THE COP is the one who's meant to stay professional. He over stepped and I'm sure the fact it was Yasser and in a Rolls had something to do with it.

A cop needs to take this sort of cheek with a grain of salt and if the cop were professional about it, it would have been like water off a ducks back. The cop did nothing to defuse the situation and, like I said, being the professional, that's what he should have done, rather than act like a hero.

Plus the cop pushed him around, it wasnt just a verbal assault. The cop had no rights to lay a finger on him. Sounds like the judge in the case is being an idiot though so the chances are the cop will get off. The judge is stating personal opinions which have nothing to do with the charges saying that the victim went out of his way to make the charges happen. So what if he did, the judge has no right to be commenting on that.  If the cop gets off hopefully they will call for a mistrial and the judge can get dragged over the coals as well.

Events / Re: BULLRUSH RALLY 2015
« on: Thu, 15 Jan, 2015 - 23:32 »
is it a secret? ;-)

Only from the ATO. ;)

Ferrari / Re: whos 360 in N.S.W
« on: Thu, 15 Jan, 2015 - 02:11 »
You didnt post a link, is that the one from the UK import place? The way our dollar is getting screwed its probably a great buy if its in good condition.

Racing / Re: Adelaide motorsport park
« on: Thu, 15 Jan, 2015 - 02:04 »
Family member of the people that own it was in court yesterday.. had a cop charged with assault when the cop defected his Rolls for too dark window tint. Gives you an idea of how serious and how much money this family has. My guess is the cop will get a small penalty and is about to retire.

Honda NSX / Re: Honda NSX replacement
« on: Tue, 13 Jan, 2015 - 12:44 »
The Technology looks great but the old NSX looked awesome in its day and still can in the right colour combo... Why put it in something that looks so outdated?

Thats said, Id hate to be a car designer trying to come up with something new.

it will be good for manufacturing and even mining
IMO Manufacturing is too far damaged to recover. It will be good for the few that still survive. But for you and me it would be nice to pay a lot less for fuel and have freight costs go down. That would be better for the whole country.

Honda NSX / Re: Honda NSX replacement
« on: Tue, 13 Jan, 2015 - 12:19 »
WTF is wrong with you guys? Did you happen to notice the technology? I predict it'll be amazing.

Nope. I looked at a car that didnt look fresh and exciting, couldnt be bothered reading it... Technology makes it very little different to buying an old Supra and putting a big HP engine in it and some race suspension... why bother building a hi tech supercar and making it look old and boring? It didnt work for Lexus.

Honda NSX / Re: Honda NSX replacement
« on: Tue, 13 Jan, 2015 - 11:32 »
Wow- really looks like an nsx too - Not !

Looks like a squashed version of the wife's honda jazz, and probably has the same flappy paddles as well.

Looks 10 years old already. Boring. :(

We're still screwed with the dollar collapsing. Would be nice to head back to 70 cents a litre but the dollar will kill that idea.

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