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American Muscle / Re: Who owns a Jeep???
« on: Wed, 03 Sep, 2014 - 13:19 »
They had a shocking reputation for years but havent heard much in the last few years.

Italian Cars / Re: Pagani Factory tour
« on: Tue, 02 Sep, 2014 - 21:16 »
I have a mate who purchased a One-77 here in Aus, so its not unthinkable for someone to be interested in something so exclusive locally.

Did Aston Martin get the One-77's legal here or did the owners import them and do that themselves? That's normally the part that puts people off. Not impossible some of the time but most people would rather buy something else than go through the hassle.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Tue, 02 Sep, 2014 - 21:10 »
What are his qualifications? No one else finds this odd?

No..... Do you always take your Ferrari to a qualified Ferrari mechanic?

Off Topic / Re: Real Estate
« on: Tue, 02 Sep, 2014 - 11:22 »
Congrats. Well done  on buying your property. For your GT3 dream you could start with buying a nice 80s Porsche that wont cost that much and can still be a reliable car. Have to admit that the M3 plan can start with a much lower budget though.  :thumbsup:

Not quite what Im after, do you have any of these to fit an 09 M3?

Lamborghini / Re: Lamborghini Huracan
« on: Mon, 01 Sep, 2014 - 21:06 »
great spot Nuxi

+1 I dont know how you guys get these spots. Every time I see something to snap its gone before I could get my phone ready. Great shot.

Lamborghini / Re: Lamborghini Huracan
« on: Sun, 31 Aug, 2014 - 20:39 »
A sports car that won't oversteer on command is no good to a reviewer who needs to make exciting videos.

If you cant drift a 600 HP car, the car's not to blame.  ;)

I stand corrected after reading and viewing some more. If the computer is taking power away and adding some braking and you cant override that then I guess it can be the cars fault. Point taken.

BMW M Power / Re: The cool BMW photo thread
« on: Sun, 31 Aug, 2014 - 14:16 »
Didn't think I would like brown. It wouldn't be my first choice but much nicer than I thought it would be.

Off Topic / Re: Teevee and moovees
« on: Sat, 30 Aug, 2014 - 20:49 »
I cant wait to see this load of CGI. Looks like it could be hilarious.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Italian Cars / Re: New Addition to the Family
« on: Sat, 30 Aug, 2014 - 17:25 »
Dude, you were supposed to get a Bentley as a DD!  :confused:

That being said, you got to let me drive this red bubble as I am really curious  :) :thumbsup:

And there has be a photo taken when that happens.  :D

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