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Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 19:20 »
I think you also said fibre is bad for the bowel the colonoscopy guy disagrees...

Fck me I'm out.

Idiocracy is a documentary - dodger is Patient Zero.

Ciao all.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 19:02 »
Wrong, I followed exactly what you were saying, told a lot of people.......... I just don't go with it.

I really doubt that.

Give me your elevator pitch.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 18:56 »
Maybe he doesn't, you know, agree with you or something?

Oh if only it were that simple.

I'm cool with being disagreed with - YOU'RE WRONG, BUT IT'S OK TO DISAGREE WITH ME - but we covered this back in 2011/2012 I'm pretty sure, and Dodgey is plodding along not ever taking a single hint.

It just tickles my bits, it's both hilarious and sad.

Anyhoo I don't care to get involved in this kinda discussion here again - I wrote a fking book about it. If folk have questions, read that, if it doesn't answer what you want to know, THEN ask me. Anything you all say before reading it cover to cover is white noise to me.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 18:13 »
I'm not sure anyone actually practises what you write but it is interesting........

Thanks for the pics, they look nice, but I think you needed to put the skin in boiling water first, it actually draws the moisture out, allows the fat to render and the proteins to crush together. Pro tip. :)

However, trawling trying to catch up on AE I saw this:

Had a colonoscopy yesterday, all good but after experiencing the stuff they give you to clear the bowel the day before I realise what crap you put into your body, we really should think twice about what we stuff into ourselves and back out through the bowel.
More green stuff less bulk etc, just think on it.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of everything I ever posted - and I know you didn't not see it as over the years you were actively responding to it all, I'm just left, like - what?

If you MUST have something green, wait until St Patricks Day.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 17:38 »
Do it all again. Sell again. Rinse and repeat.

Landscape has changed - as in, been bulldozed.

No way I could do what I did with AE back then nowadays - very much right bat time, right bat channel. It certainly wasn't luck either, for anyone wondering.

AE was a more than full time job, and to steal an mhh quote from back in the day which was probably disfigured from elsewhere - instant success only required 6 years of hard work and determination to continue despite frequent failure.

Not being futilist, always looking for new avenues, I just don't see *this* (leader of general forumy/car/etc thing) being a good strategy going forward.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 17:26 »
Welcome back, just cooked a shoulder of pork, the crackle is so perfect I think I'll be sick as I cant keep away from it, crackle seems to have more fat than on the usual roast pork cut.

Dodgey ol' boy, you're Patient Zero in all this. I've been absent a long time but I already know just from seeing your name and first response that pretty much NONE of the stuff I ever wrote back in the day ever penetrated enough to germinate.

Sad, but hilariious.

Any pics of the crackling? Don't tease us with mental food porn...

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 17:06 »
3 years? How long was your non-compete?


Been a while since I've trolled this joint.

I don't work out. I don't diet. I'm not ripped. I don't intend to be.

I just eat meat and drink booze and live life.

Fighting 40.

Shit, gotta remember how to post a vid...

Here's me last month being a wanker with the flexin' - gif preview:


Direct link to vid of me being a wanker:

For reference:

End goal: Spartan Warrior Physique
 - Not jacked, just lean and moderately muscled.
 - but realistically one that is lifelong maintainable - which means not requiring frequent intense workouts or constant dietary monitoring or skimping on lifestyle.
 - 75-78kg.

Eating: 90% Carnivore - favouring ketogenic
 - therefore adequate protein (~100-150g/day), minimal carbohydrates (<30g/day), and almost all energy requirements coming from fat.
 - No calorie counting, just eating as much protein as I need to be sustained, and as much fat as required to be satiated.
 - Intermittent fasting comes pretty natural like this (or as I call it - Intermittent Feasting), so on one day I may consume 5000-6000 calories, the next day just a few hundred - or nothing at all.

Exercise: Incidental Adventure
 - Will be moderate walking (~5km daily), occasional hiking (once a week), a couple minutes of intense work (lifting heavy stuff) a couple times a week, and I'd like to get into some active non-damaging sport or martial discipline.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 16:34 »
I notice he still logs in -

Pity, his posts are missed.

Is he not allowed to post?

I'm still an admin here as it turns out. (ie, God Mode)

However I can't do anything to the codebase itself, that all went to a server I have no access to when I sold it 3 years ago, so whoever keeps sending me stuff to fix or totes amazing ideas to implement - stop it, I can't.

Off Topic / Re: Ash's book
« on: Sun, 12 Apr, 2015 - 16:27 »
Build another

I've got dozens - is my primary thing but I barely update even that with my "offline" writing habits.

Nowadays I'm more a slumlord reminiscing about the days he was king of just one castle.

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