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Nice driving.

Do they all have that whiney 5th/6th gear???

He had poor mid/exit traction from about 1/3 distance, maybe earlier. But he drove the car really well. Maybe a set up/tyre pressure tweak would have helped a little, but he was superb at the start so it got him to a great finish spot.

He's nearly as good as Bairdo  :tilt:

Gave it a little extra pressure to make spots at the beginning quickly.  Couple of wet patches around too.
Ultimate aim was to take bairdo's lap record in race 3. 

Yeah there is lots of whine in 5th/6th. The motec camera microphone really accentuates the noise, you don't hear much engine/exhaust as compared to say, a go-pro mounted on the rear cage section.

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Beautiful driving. Was a pleasure to watch. Very patient and respectful to the other drivers on the track especially when he took 1st place into Honda.
I've driven exactly the same lines, hugging the ripple, but the new CC has a lot better front traction than the older models which suffer more from understeer. Note how quickly the tyres go off. Looks like Jonny probably started on slightly better rubber than the others as some looked to struggle to hold the turns.
I love the 5th to 6th gear whine...you know you are pushing some clicks when that sounds, especially down Conrod.
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