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OK, so i went to a couple of karting shops today and the pricing estimates were roughly the same, so ive come up with a rough budget.
you can either choose new or a 2nd hand kart. New budget would be around $10K, 2nd hand would be around $5k.
there are pros and cons with both ways. New is obviously the better way, as everything is new, ready to go and you chose what you want. the downside is, when you want to sell it, its worth $3-4k
second hand is obviously much cheaper, half the price actually.... but obviously you are using 2nd hand equipment, so things will be worn. if you buy 2nd hand, and a year or 2 later you decide that you dont want to kart any more, you can sell it for the same you bought it for. that said losing 4-5k isnt going to change anyones life.

apparently karts have a sweet spot lifespan, most karts will last 3-4 years in that their chassis is still strong. after this, they weaken a bit and you lose 10ths of a second....  :rolleyes: not sure any of us are going to notice this.

assuming we are talking 125cc class engines.... you can chose between 3 engines but they are all pretty much the same.
most engines last 25hrs of good use before a top end rebuild.... rebuilds only cost $300, so if you used it for 2hrs once a month, it would be 12 months between rebuilds. this is a good thing with 2nd hand karts, you can buy one and have it rebuilt for a reletively small amount and have a fresh engine.

Both places quoted a ballpark of $7k for a new kart, new engine ready to run. on top of this you will need

these are the base prices, you can spend the earth if you want

- Racing suit - $150
- Helmet - $100
- Gloves - $30
- Licence - $250
- Club Membership - $250
- Kart stand - $100
- Trailer - ?
- General Tools - $100-300
- Racing shoes - $100 - OPTIONAL

so the accesories - $1000

second hand

i have been looking through ebay and gumtree etc, and you can pick up a 125cc rotax kart ready to run, anywhere from 3-5k, usually the ones at the 5k mark have a lot of spares to go with them.

the main thing everyone would have to concider is a trailer. ive been told they will fit in a 'regular 6x4' trailer, which im sure you can find for a slab of beer, or you can get a fully enclosed racing setup... once again, depends on your budget.
heres an enclosed one for $2k http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Cars-Vehicles-Motorbikes-Parts-other-Enclosed-Trailer-W0QQAdIdZ278411276

I personally will be looking at second hand because of my budget, but there wont really be any performance advantage for those considering either way.

As for the karting facilities...

There are 3 tracks around, Monarto, Barossa and Bolivar. each track is run by a club, and by joining you get the keys to the facility, meaning you can go there and drive any day or night of the year.

I asked about holding our own races, and they recomended we make it a day when no one is there and just hold our own events...

if we wanted to, we could hold our own race day once a month, have an organised day out (im happy to do this) and run it ourselves. this way we have no unknowns racing, no governing bodies etc.. which could be good or bad.
using transponders, we can have timing for all karts...

so yeah, 5k for 2nd hand, 10k for new.

you could probably do it cheaper if you are really tight, but i doubt it would be as competetive...

oh, the other option is buying a 2nd hand kart rolling chassis for 1-2k, and then buying a new engine package for $2400. this could also be another good option to have a new reliable engine and a chassis thats still good.

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With the stong AUD could you import a container load from overseas?

Offline dkabab

With the stong AUD could you import a container load from overseas?

good idea... might look into it

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good idea... might look into it

You sure 125cc is quick enough? I was thinking something along the lines of 125HP or there abouts like a R6 engine.

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Dave....great job mate & it all sounds like a shit load of cheap fun  :thumbsup: :burnout:

Would an 11 year old be eligible to have a play with us?

You sure 125cc is quick enough? I was thinking something along the lines of 125HP or there abouts like a R6 engine.

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Dwayne, if you want to, you can join the 250cc super karts that race at mallala. they will do 240kph and lap mallala in under 1:08....

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Dwayne, if you want to, you can join the 250cc super karts that race at mallala. they will do 240kph and lap mallala in under 1:08....


'Come and Try' Test Drives
The club will hold a ‘Come and Try’ session at the conclusion of most race meetings in 2011. Enquiries 08 8262 6133--8340 9288
(9-5 weekdays).
Next 'Come & Try' Session

Mallala  Sunday, 22ndMay
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I believe that all karting tracks in SA are covered by the AKA and you will need an AKA license to drive on them - other than come-n-try days.  The only exception to this is a special arrangement with a Adelaide school that includes go-karts in its curriculum and organised by one of the local kart suppliers (AKS).

We looked into doing this some time ago for our corporate drive days because the track is more local than Mallala.  At the time we were also running a kart team - our drivers have moved up now.

Now we run drive days at Mallala, we supply either Superkarts or track cars or people bring along their own street or track car.  The most it ever cost anyone was $350 for the day if you brought your own car and we included a BBQ lunch.  Had a guy turn up with a Aston DB9 and he had a ball; I didn't mind the noise coming from it either.  We're actually building a track day special car using the Hyabusa motor and styled along the lines of an F3 - 180hp and 380kgs.

Things may have been relaxed now (as far as AKA tracks go) so please don't let this put you off following it up.

If you do get permission you probably could set up the kart for a little less than your estimating but it depends on the motor.

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Didn't see all of the message and how much work had gone into it before I posted my last message.

The Superkart come-n-try days are only for the 125cc Non Gearbox karts.  You need to be at least 12yrs of age for them and they can only run at Mallala - full size circuits.

There are ways around the retail route which don't need a container load from OS.

If you go the go kart route, join a club (if a group gets together and members join different clubs you'll get access to the keys for all clubs), trailers etc you'll still need to find a day when the tracks aren't being used.

As an alternative suggestion you could buy a cheap Hyundai Excel (around $2000) and run it at Mallala on any of the many generl public practice days and you don't need a full CAMS license.

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i am not looking at building or buying a random setup that wouldnt be alowed onto their tracks... theres no purpose.
the 125cc class engines/chassis are fast enough and they are pretty common, so theres no need to stray for the sake of being different.

if you look at my budget, or list of things you need... it includes club membership and AKA licence.

i have been looking at ebay/gumtree and there is quite a bit around... unfortunatly most is in the eastern states, but doesnt matter too much. there look to be some good buys at the moment.... some for $2800-$3200 for complete setups...

and i would like to do some racing, even if this group thing doesnt happen...

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