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no, you need to re-read what I have written and cool your jets.

it's all in the lack of training and a 5 minute video that should be done outlining what it's like from inside the car with full kit on.

Where to stand when you want to talk to the driver, open the door and crouch down, not stand a foot away from the door and yell through the window that can't be wound down.
what we can see and hear from inside the car, what we can't see and hear from inside the car. what we can do and what we can't do.

most volunteers have probably never been inside a race car, with full kit on, having just done a long stint, and getting out of the car after that is at the top of the driver's list of things to do.

I'm not ungrateful but I get the sense that from the top in motor sport, it's drummed in to tear strips off a driver if we put a finger out of place. I've seen it plenty of times. now if you are a well known driver, then there would be a different set of rules perhaps?

I gotta back Scud on this

I often felt like the officials would treat us like school kids. Their attitude sometimes were not called for and I for one didn't appreciate it.

now this is not to say that I was not grateful, it's just that there is a way a deliver a message and some simply failed that part.

May the Horse be with you....

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Ill post more when I have time, but I organized a large group of lambo/ferrari people out for this years event.  We were the ones parked in the show'n'shine.

I'm going to be doing the same for the 2016 event.  I have an absolutely cracking route to drive there from Sydney, and would welcome anyone to join us.  Will be driving out Saturday, staying overnight then heading back in the arvo Sunday.  Its a great weekend.  Ill be organizing the run, the accommodation and dinner on the Saturday night.  Additionally we get a lap of the track on Saturday (negotiating for a couple extra).



----- SKIP TO 3:50 -----------

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sywy5znazDY" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sywy5znazDY</a>

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I'm keen for 2016.  Count me in if anyone is organising accommodation.

1800 985 925

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Interesting.........no Quinn entries yet

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I'm surprised they persisted for this long.

Maranello ditches Bentley
MARANELLO MOTORSPORT will be parting ways with the Bentley Continental GT3 it runs in Australian GT under the Flying B Racing banner as soon as possible.

Any takers?

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Well done Rog. Notice your car is TBC........not the Lambo?
got my accounts girl to send in the entry form while I was in hospital with very little information filled out.

I'm running my new Reiter Rex.

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got my accounts girl to send in the entry form while I was in hospital with very little information filled out.

I'm running my new Reiter Rex.


It's got some downforce and grip. ;)

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Interesting.........no Quinn entries yet
he'll be there. Just trying to get a GT enduro round as part of the race, which I disagree with.

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