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the thing that keeps me away from v8's is that all the cars are the same, theres little or no development of the cars or engines allowed (im sure someones going to disagree with that) and if you ever do develop something better you just get a weight penalty anyway
v8's are just one short step away from 'franchise safety cars' like they do in nascar when it gets boring

I do love formula 1, and I love it as much for the tech as I do the racing.
The air vent on this years mclaren, the double diffuser last year, and in years gone by the ground effect lotus, the active suspension lotus, rear wheel braking to assist turning, wings, 6 wheeled tyrells, not to mention all the materials development for engines and bodies, chassis design etc.

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I know people who like V8's, drive utes, are worth millions, and are increadibly classy. I know people of moderate wealth who show class...
Unfortunately I also know people worth large sums, whom drive europen cars, and are as tacky as a drunken lout. I understand it holds in many cases, but don't judge class from a carpark, and don't overlook people because of their likes/and or their apperences...

take note Kujotk, this is what i was trying to say.....and i only picked up on your spelling cause you have done it to others.
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the thing that keeps me away from v8's is that all the cars are the same, theres little or no development of the cars or engines allowed (im sure someones going to disagree with that) and if you ever do develop something better you just get a weight penalty anyway
v8's are just one short step away from 'franchise safety cars' like they do in nascar when it gets boring

yes, but the cars are EVEN, or at leastdeveloped similarly....meaning a cheaper competition to enter & run. It would be no fun if HRT was always first due to ALOT more financial backing.
i do understand your and Kujotk's point, and it would be interesting to see other runners, but the last thing you want is a repeat of 1994 bathurst!
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Who is this person ?

I like the V8's and "the Muscle Cars Masters"... Does that make me Bogan ?....

Lighten up dick head.... Its motors sport and now days its entertainment...
Take a drive in one of the machines before ditching it.

We (my company) even support them in way of sponsorship.... Strange thing is that we have so many C level customers that absolutly love it... and we do it so they bring their kids along and make it a family event.

It is a show, put on for all different types.............

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BMW confirms V8 interest

BMW has confirmed its interest in entering V8 Supercars once Car of the Future is introduced.

By Briar Gunther

There is one condition: Car of the Future must be compatible with the car BMW will run in the German touring car series Deutsche Tourenwagon Masters (DTM) from 2012.

The European manufacturer recently announced it would re-enter DTM from 2012 where it is likely to run its M3 model.

BMW in Australia has confirmed it has met with Mark Skaife, who is running V8 Supercars’ Car of the Future program.

“Our response, especially in light of the announcement of our re-entry to the DTM in Europe, is that if we could race that class of vehicle then we would look very favourably on a proposal for BMW to enter (V8 Supercars),” the spokesman said.

“We just would not look at anything that is specific to this market.”

It is the first time that a manufacturer has confirmed its interest in joining the category since V8 Supercars ‘opened the shopfront’ with Car of the Future, which gets rolled out from 2012.

The spokesman said the ball was now in Skaife’s court to meet with other manufacturers to see if a workable solution can be found.

“If we were able to look at a racing class down here that is compatible with vehicles racing overseas we would look very warmly at that,” the spokesman said.

“I would suggest that is also something that would need to be put to the other manufacturers he is looking at to make sure that they would be as enthusiastic.”

Skaife confirmed he was talking with BMW but could not comment further.

“We’re having discussions (with BMW) just like we are with various other manufacturers,” he said.

Source: http://www.v8supercars.com.au/newsarticle/bmw-confirms-v8-interest/tabid/70/newsid/10576/default.aspx

Hello :)

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Local team to put Mercedes E-Class on V8Supercars grid in 2013
A trio of   Mercedes E 63 AMGs will front the starter in the 2013 V8Supercar championship –   but without support from the local importer.

A bevy of news stories has   hit the airwaves since last week, but now motoring.com.au can officially confirm   that the still-born Erebus Motorsport tilt at the championship has been   resurrected. The privately-owned operation finally agreed terms with the   three-pointed star's performance arm AMG earlier this week and today officially   announced it would purchase the Stone Brothers Racing (SBR)   operation.

motoring.com.au has been in constant contact with Erebus   Motorsport boss Ryan Maddison and Mercedes-Benz Australia throughout the saga.   Now, we can lift the lid on full details.

The operation will be funded   via the privately-owned local team and has the support of AMG and its   arms-length racing operation, HWA. Erebus will campaign Mercedes-Benz AMG   powered E-Class sedans built to V8Supercar (V8SC) Car of the Future (CotF)   rules.

Mercedes-Benz Australia (MBAu) has no relationship to the squad   and will not be involved in its operation or marketing. Indeed, the company was   at pains to reiterate that it is not entering the series in its own right, nor   would the entry be supported financially by local MBAu dealers. This is in   direct contrast to incorrect reports published elsewhere.

Rather, the   campaign will be entirely funded by Erebus Motorsport and commercial   sponsorships. AMG factory support will be provided via the operation's existing   international Customer Sports program. Erebus has campaigned SLS GT3 sportscars   under the program for the past two years.

Despite the short timeframe,   the team's E63-based cars will be completed in time for the start of the season.   In fact, according to Mr Maddison, the squad will have a full complement of   racers at the Clipsal 500 next March.

Erebus Motorsport has directly   funded AMG/HWA's development of a V8SC-spec engine for the E-Class. The engine   is essentially a de-stroked 5.0-litre version of the 6.2-litre GT3-spec V8 which   powers the SLS racecar.

Though Mr Maddison confirmed the engine is yet   to be dyno tested, development has already cost "well into six figures". He told   motoring.com.au that Erebus and AMG are still working with V8Supercars to   finalise a parity specification for the engine.

As the project has been   funded by Erebus, no scope currently exists for additional E-Class racers from   unaligned teams to join the SBR E-Class sedans on the V8SC grid. In practical   terms, it is highly unlikely any other V8SC teams will ever have access to HWA's   engine or development work.

Owned by AMG founder Hans-Werner Aufrecht,   HWA is responsible for Mercedes factory DTM German touring car championship   entries. It is also the builder of the current AMG SLS GT3 racers and is well   known for its Benz 'specials' including the wild twin-engined A32 AMG A-Class   and road-going versions of DTM and Le Mans racers.

Mr Aufrecht is   himself a major figure in the ownership and administration of the DTM   championship.

Erebus Motorsport boss, Ryan Maddison told motoring.com.au   his operation had been working on its V8SC plans for around 12 months. He   confirmed first discussions with Stone Brothers took place at this year's   Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Mr Maddison confirmed Erebus   Motorsport has commenced negotiations to purchase the SBR business and its pair   of V8SC 'licences'. The new concern will also seek to continue to operate the   third V8Supercar 'licence' that SBR currently leases.

"Stone Brothers was   the logical choice to partner with Erebus," Mr Maddison told   motoring.com.au.

"The operation is one of the most successful and   consistent teams in V8 Supercars with three titles... It hasn't changed or sold   a racing entitlement [licence] in 13 years and has long-term relationships with   key commercial partners.

"It was also a logical choice as it has no   [current] direct factory involvement," Mr Maddison stated.

Under the   agreement with AMG, Erebus and its SBR operation will receive technical support   for the E-Class racecars' engines.

Mr Maddison confirmed Stone Brothers'   existing V8SC sponsors and driver line-up would be carried over to the Erebus   E-Class racers.

Erebus will also continue to campaign its SLS GT3s in   the Australia GT Championship, he said.

Last month Mercedes-Benz   Australia poured cold water on suggestions it or Erebus would enter the   championship.

Then MBAu spokesman David McCarthy told motoring.com.au:   "The CoTF rules allow for the supply of an engine and technical support. We know   that there have been discussions for the potential of this happening via a   'Customer Sports' program... [But] Mercedes-Benz has thoroughly investigated   this possibility and, after serious consideration, the company has resolved that   we will not be proceeding with this as it is not a 'fit' with our Australian and   New Zealand brand positioning."

According to Mr McCarthy, though Erebus   has now agreed terms directly with AMG in Germany to purchase parts and support   via the Customer Sports program, Benz Australia's position re the championship   has not changed.

"This is not a back flip – our position has not changed.   Mercedes-Benz Australia has no plans to undertake any sales or marketing   activities in conjunction with the series," Mr McCarthy told   motoring.com.au.

"Erebus Motorsport is a valued customer. It has an   existing relationship with AMG via the SLS Customer Sports program. Erebus' V8SC   effort is an extension of that relationship. Mercedes Australia is not directly   involved," Mr McCarthy stated.

Nissan announced its intentions to become   the third manufacturer in V8SC in late 2011. Earlier this month, its motorsport   partner Kelly Racing debuted the Patrol-based V8, which will power Nissan's   Altima V8Supercar. Nissan and Kelly Racing plan to debut the Altima at the 2013   series opener in Adelaide.

Nissan's new motorsport boss, Jeff Fisher,   greeted the news of Erebus' entry into the series upbeat.

"Any   [additional] manufacturer, we welcome. It's good for competition, it's good for   us [Nissan] and it's good for the series," he stated./

Source motoring.com.au

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If they win, they will be accused of having an advantage

If they lose, they will be ridiculed as Aussie muscle is better.... Yeah!

It's lose lose for them.

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If they win, they will be accused of having an advantage

If they lose, they will be ridiculed as Aussie muscle is better.... Yeah!

It's lose lose for them.

Good to see more involvement, anyway im off next week to have a look at the merc dtm cars  ;)
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what happens when you rock up in a E63 with picnic basket and park it next to a ford and holden at a V8 wend?

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