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Thanks all for the advice!

I'm quite liking the Radical SR3 as I thought they'd be out of my budget, but I am curious as to the real-world running costs.  I've read the manuals online and seen the rebuild intervals for the 1500cc engine (30 hours).  That probably works out to around 10-15 track days so at my rate that's a couple of years between rebuilds, which isn't too bad.  Any real world numbers in terms of maintenance costs would be very interesting.

Not too keen on the PRB clubman type vehicles - to my mind the wheelbase is too short and the track too narrow to offer impressive handling on the track.

The 2-Eleven is an intriguing idea - I'm not sure if it's the same car as on CarSales but I remember one was entered in the last Dutton Rally that was held several years ago now.  Looked like great fun and was certainly competitive in the rally but is it a $20K better car than a Radical?

The BRZ looks very nice but I can't see that quality build + base car fitting in my budget.  Can't see any specs on the site but I assume it's had serious engine work too which would no doubt push it further out of my budget.

I'm going to book a FF and a Radical drive day in the new year to give both of those a try - does anyone know of a track school that offers a F3 drive experience?

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Where are you located James?

I did a few of the radical days at EC last year - it's about 2K for the day, but you're belting someone else's car/tyres/brakes etc  so it's not bad value  :)

First day was quite busy, so I shared a car with 3 other guys and didn't get a heap of seat time. Next one round it was pretty much a car each, so you drove as much as you wanted.

Going from a road car to a track car with a sequential box, madly revving engine and some aero is a brain breaker. It didn't feel massively quicker, but things do seem to move a lot faster, inputs need to be a lot smoother, and using the power that's there gets to be addictive.

I bought a Westfield XTR2 post the radical day, and it was a good thing. I think you'll be able to bargain quite hard on anything you are looking at, as I found out that selling a track only racecar is a whole world worse in terms of effort than selling a road car, which is tough enough!
C'mon, do it!

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James I race a Radical SR8 & and my partner an SR3, they are without doubt IMO the best track day race car for your buck. You can even have Radical store, insure, prep & everything else you want from it, basically arrive & drive if you want.

Any race track car is going to require more maintenance than a road car, however you can run one just for track days reasonably economically, that said that is relative to your budget. Engine refreshes are every 30-40 hours really & it is the engine load time & run time that is measured not just run time.

Talk to Radical tell them I recommended you, they are very approachable, down to earth & helpful. Talk with either Marcus or Brendan.
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I know there are a few guys here who have some serious track toys, and I'm hoping for some advice for a new dedicated track car.

I've been running a track prepped VW Polo for around 7 years - no wheel-to-wheel racing, just sprints, autocross, tarmac rallies and semi-regular public track days.  I was keeping it just on the fine line between track spec and road legal, but I'm looking for something different so am planning on buying a 'proper' track car and trailer.

My budget is $50K at most - so sadly can't afford a Radical which seems to be the track car of choice around here.   I'm tempted by a Formula 3 as something completely different, but I haven't ever driven a wings-and-slicks car so I'm not sure if the learning curve will be too steep.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!
My ears pricked up ,when you said .."$50k,Radical and F3.

Without not knowing a lot about you or which State your from,as various groups and or racing is stronger in the other States.

If its a formula car you wish to race,I'd be going Historic Formula Ford,the cars are fast,handle well,racing is close and controlled ,cheap to race ie tyres,brakes,fuels.
And there is plenty of racing ie Historic meetings,State rounds and or the odd hillclimb.
Don't need a cast of 1,000s or a large budget or trailer.

And many of the makes racing are known makers ie Elfin,Lola ect.


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It's sounding more and more like I need to spend a day driving a Radical to see what they're like.

Al - I'm from Canberra so the Eastern Creek days are what I had in mind.  I've seen the Radical guys there when I've been to other track events at EC but haven't ever stopped in to look at the cars and see what's on offer.  $2k for a trial day with the cars is far better than buying one and deciding it doesn't suit me.

Robert - I'm not really considering entering any race series at this stage, as I just don't have the time to commit to regular events especially with another child on the way next year.  It'd be nice to have something that is eligible for entry level racing in the future but that's not as important to me as buying something I can enjoy at 'normal' track days and sprint events. 

I'm curious re your $50K comment - are you thinking that the maintenance costs of a Radical or F3 are going to blow out that budget?

Peter - thanks for the info re the Radicals you're racing.  The maintenance schedules are a bit of a surprise for me, coming from a road car which has been pretty much bulletproof.  I've put thousands of motorsport kms on my Polo over 6 years and aside from regular servicing the only major mechanical repair work was as a result of driver error, so having to factor engine and gearbox rebuilds after such short periods is a little bit strange.

I appreciate the contact details at Radical - I will be sure to talk with Marcus or Brendan if I end up going down the Radical path.

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Robert -

I'm curious re your $50K comment - are you thinking that the maintenance costs of a Radical or F3 are going to blow out that budget?

No,was thinking this was your purchase price area/budget.
For that you would get a FF historic for well under 30k with trailer and spares ect.

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