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This is has been posted at a couple of other sites

Driver training/Skidpan day at the DECA Facilities in shepperton. Skylines Australia and a few other car clubs hold regular days there. It is a great opportunity to have legal and safe fun with your car learn how your car behaves in different situations all in a safe environment. Following is just a basic and draft schedule as what to expect on the day. it is an early start unfortunately but it should mean that every one will have more then enough time on the skidpan and track. We are hoping for maximum of 36 people for the day or a minimum of 30.

The best thing is, unlike a track day you do not need new brake pads, tires or any special prep, all that is required is a roadworthy car, a helmet and full sleeves shirt and a trouser in non flammable clothing. You will require a AASA or CAMS license, if you do not have one you can get a AASA License on the day for $50 extra. this license is valid for 12 months and can be used at events at calder, shepperton DECA, winton etc so will not goto waste. The entry fee for the deca day is $150.

The events on the skid pan are quite small (less than 1 minute each) which is not enough to warm up semi slicks etc. So you could rock up in your completely street spec car with crap tyres and still have fun and learn a few things. There is also a hill climb section of the facility that we plan to use. There will be a BBQ lunch plus soft drinks for all competitors and volunteers.

More details can be accessed by sending an email to deca@mztec.org or via the following website.

Event Date: 7th March 2009

Event Schedule DRAFT
0800: Gates Open.
0800-0900: Driver Registration/Scrutineering/Numbers
0845: Driver briefing (Compulsory Attendance).
Group 1:
0900: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Practice run
0915: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Run 1
0930: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Run 2
0945: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Practice run
1000: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Run 1
1015: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Run 2
1030: Break/Time to get to highway circuit
1045: Highway Circuit Sighting lap
1100: Highway Circuit Run 1 (Average time)
1130: Highway Circuit Run 2 (Average time)
Group 2:
0900: Highway Circuit Sighting lap
0915: Highway Circuit Run 1 (Average time)
0945: Highway Circuit Run 2 (Average time)
1015: Break/Time to get to skid pan.
1030: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Practice run
1045: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Run 1
1100: Motorkhana 1 (dry) Run 2
1115: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Practice run
1130: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Run 1
1145: Motorkhana 2 (dry) Run 2
Both Groups:
1200: Lunch
1230: Slalom 1 Run 1
1245: Slalom 1 Run 2
1300: Slalom 2 Run 1
1315: Slalom 2 Run 2
1330: Break to setup wet course.
1345: Motorkhana 1 (wet) Practice run
1415: Motorkhana 1 (wet) Run 1
1445: Motorkhana 1 (wet) Run 2
1515: Motorkhana 2 (wet) Practice run
1545: Motorkhana 2 (wet) Run 1
1615: Motorkhana 2 (wet) Run 2
1645: End and packup time.

Good luck folks! get some good pics if you can!

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