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Dude, you bring it up, then when I question it you give me the whole "you have a lot to learn" without helping with the learning. AE is the only "experience" I have access to...for now.

Hang on - I just answered your question - now you want more?????

Some people are never happy!!!!!   :irked:

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You answered the question very clearly, and if that's the case, then I don't see how it would ever be possible to add a DB9 to the register, in which case I'm pretty sure the application has been/will be rejected.

I hope "the Administrator" doesn't take too long accepting/rejecting the last application. Any idea when it was made?

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I have been following this topic for a while and being an importer who has had many a battle with not only DOTARS but my State registration authority as well, I will add my two bobs worth.
The DB9 is a volume import into Australia. Forget about "how many" are here as this has NOTHING to do with volume. The word indicates that Aston Martin have certified that the DB9s supplied to Australia comply to ALL current ADRs. They have not crashed a car or taken it to pieces (this virtually NEVER happens any more) but they HAVE certified in writing and in detail that the cars comply to the ADRs.
This helps protect against private importers of the cars as the model is EXCLUDED from the SEVS list as it is a VOLUME import for the reasons already given. This issue was covered earlier in the piece and qualified by saying that new car manufacturers don't want their markets diluted with private imports for obvious reasons. On occasions, manufactures will NOT apply for volume import licenses as they believe that ADR compliance is not worth the cost and effort. SOME of these cars may therefore very well find their way onto the SEVS list if approved. The DB9 is not one of these.
What HAS to be remembered is that even though the car is listed, you STILL have to find a RAW who has the SPECIFIC compliance licence to comply the car. Currently, NO ONE has a licence to comply ANY Aston except the Vanquish so even if the car appears on SEVS, you will NOT be able to put it on the road UNTIL a RAW has a licence to comply it. These licenses are expensive to acquire and can take months to have approved.
Please ask me any other questions you may have but forget about the DB9 UNLESS you can bring it in as a Personal Import (12 months access for usage) and even then you will have to jump through hoops to convince your State registration authorities to let you drive it on their roads.

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