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I had lots of fun with mine - he actually got really frustrated at the end and yelled at me!!!   :D

Yes, I did get him to ring me by spinning a big BS story back at him. Was able to trace the call - never did heard if anything came of it though....... :scratchchin:

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I guess it was to true to be good when I saw I had someone interested after a couple days on it..

Oh well back to the waiting game haha

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add that to the list...
he had poor grammar and spelling as well

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add that to the list...
he had poor grammar and spelling as well

We should all email to see if he has a car for sale and reverse the spam...

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The following is without Prejudice and is alleged. I bought a car from Gumtree and the person told me with witnesses present that he replaced the motor last year. I confronted him that night after finding out this was not true and he didnt have anything to say.I told him my daughter needs 4 hospital, next day the motor went on it This person is a low life scum bag and it is advised to avoid him, his ads on gumtree and tell your friends he is a scammer. It had been reported to docep for unlicenced dealing. The person that allegedly did these acts Ats Yanchep Towing also trading as Mcallum Towing , Laurence and Irene Cooper 0417177776 and 0424838067 names Michael Mccallum 38 Manzas place Nowergup

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Couldn't remember if we had a scam thread or not.

Got this email.......    :rolleyes:

I got this same email when trying to sell my car about a month ago now. Also had something similar when trying to buy a dog. Its always interesting to see how far they will go when you play along with it.

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