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Thanks for the feedback so far, sounds positive. Shall post some pics up shortly.

We are primarily a body/paint shop and outsource all of the other work. Having said that the business has been operating for over 30 years (11 years under our ownership, 20 something for previous owner) so we have pretty good contacts for everything else, and act as project manager for each step along the way.

Full resto's are our core business and to do them right we prefer to either have the vehicle acid dipped, or in the case of either smaller jobs or fibreglass/ali,  soda blasted, that way we know what we are dealing with from the very start. Its not a cheap option but it saves having to call the owner later and tell them about a nasty surprise and that it will add another $$$ to the job.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

Pics coming soon.


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Im a bit light on photos as we lost alot of stuff in November last year when the computer died, its a hard way to learn about backing up  :doh: I should also take some time to read the Photography School posts.

Ill do a couple of posts with different vehicles.

This is a GT Falcon we have in for a full resto at the moment and is a good example of what acid dipping can show up. The second hand panels were used to replace the front right corner, make the rear parcel shelf original, and the inner door skin was replaced. The use of a rotisseri can also help with full restos (in this case its a Ford Escort).

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This Delage belongs to a very serious collector, we have done alot of work for him including vehicles for Pebble Beach. Its a huge car and parts are expensive, no radiator was available, so one was made for a lazy $30k. There is 12 coats of varnish on the timber work.

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The owner started the resto and it got a bit too hard so it came to us. We also arranged the rechroming etc. When it recently left the wife had tears in her eyes (her father had bought it new in 1943).

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Just a bunch of other pics (last lot)

I hope the photos show that we are a fair dinkum operation. Comments and thoughts greatly received.


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Thanks Allan, they arent the best photos by anyones imagination but I hope they show we are a serious shop? We only use a little 10MP digital camera for point and shoot photos of individual panel repairs before and after, these then get colated into an album for the client. I fully intend to take up an offer (via aussieexotics) of improving our photography technique, and ultimately the end album provided . The main problem we have of using a really good camera is that it either gets covered in dust or attacked by sparks from a grinder or welder  :doh:

Thanks for the direct replys, I have specifically not mentioned who we are, or any contact details other than my own personal email because this is a great forum that works without people plugging their stuff. Im just testing the water and asking if there is an interest to have professional work done at a price that doesnt carry a premium because of the car you drive!

Moving right along ... it is amazing the people that are on this forum, or lurking.

 :boggled: Yes I am the Peter Upton that saved a Little (Fairy) Penguin in Burraneer Bay in 50 knots in a tinny (why are you stalking me???  :scratchchin:)

To those that wanted to know what Clubmans we have punted around in Targa Tasmania, here are some pics. Im sure those that know will fill in the blanks, those asking about full restos please email me, in the meantime I would rather just ask for peoples input on my initial suggestion of doing relatively minor stuff, professionally, at non-Sydney prices.


PS. Here are some Targa Pics for those that asked direct about our stupidity ... (the yellow one has a ZZR1100 in it with a sequential box, the sticker on the back should then explain itself  :eek:)

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