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Shitbox Rally is still going great guns, and attracts more interest every year.

One of the rules is that participants are required to auction their car for charity at the end of the event. My mate who entered in the inaugural 2010 event did just that, and his car was bought by a backpacker. Since that day, the car has (presumably) changed hands a few times. None of the subsequent owners have filled out transfer forms, so the Roads Authorities still consider my mate to be the legal owner.

Just over 2 years later the car is now in QLD and is causing my mate a few problems. Whoever is driving the car in QLD keeps driving through toll ways without a pass. As the last available record of ownership is with my mate, they keep sending the fine notices to him. I have to keep witnessing the stat decs on the fines, and to date we reckon this dude has racked up at least a few thousand dollars in unpaid tolls and fines. Also, from what I can see from the toll booth photos, it looks like the current owner has retained all the Shitbox Rally Livery :D

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Also, from what I can see from the toll booth photos, it looks like the current owner has retained all the Shitbox Rally Livery :D

And they don't class it as Stolen???????

I had this same problem once with a speeding fine, Vicroads said it was my own fault for not following the paperwork through.

Only way around it was to cancel the Rego and report it as stolen......

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Wouldn't mind having a go one year.......

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          Parking lot owner's joyride in customer's car caught on film



There are plenty of reasons to steer clear of a cruise. We typically shy away from the idea of cramming ourselves onto a vessel filled to capacity with overweight American tourists, all waiting to descend on some unsuspecting port of call like a scourge of consumerist locusts. Now, we have another reason to pass on the big boats.

WFTV discovered a parking lot owner in Cocoa, Florida was taking customer vehicles out for little joy rides. The news crew promptly set up a little sting by renting a red Chevrolet Corvette Convertible and installing a GPS tracker. The car wasn't on the lot for six hours before Jay Nieves, the owner of Premier Parking Spot hopped in.

The news crew filmed Nieves thrashing the car on a dirt road, parking it at his home overnight, doing sizeable burnouts on the street, transporting lumber and leaving the car with the top down and driver's door wide open for extended periods of time. All told, Nieves clocked 60 miles on what he thought was a customer's car before the news crew confronted him about the situation. Nieves promptly denied everything. Scroll down for the full newscast.

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Renaults back making sports cars

According to Top Gaar
It's going into production. Almost definitely. Probably.


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By the time it goes to production it'll probably just look like an updated version of this though...

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