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I know we've joked about it heaps, but has anyone actually done a viability study on paying someone to own and "use" a car overseas for a year, then bring it back to Oz and "sell" it you?

Would it be worth setting up a matchmaker service between Poms emigrating to Oz and guys who want cars from there with limited taxes?

The Pom gets their relocation expenses covered, the Aussie gets an otherwise unobtainable car, Australia gets more cool cars, more Australians get exposure to the possibility of owning something better than a HSV for their $, the country is a prettier place with more interesting cars around, etc etc...

Only downside I see is govt gets less money, but lets face it,  giving your money to govt is like giving it to a homeless gambling addicted meth junkie with an attention-whore complex - only 10% of the $ will go to useful life supporting/enhancing functions, the rest is for feeding the addiction and looking good doing it.

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The rule use to be (but has now been quashed) that the owner in the UK that was personally importing the car could not then sell the car for the first 12 months of it reaching the docks here in OZ. 

As it stands the person importing the car has to be the person who first registers the car here in Oz (stamp duty +++).  Once he has jumped thru all the hoops I suppose he could then sell on to the new owner who would have to pay stamp duty again.

So yes it could be possible.  If you had a friend coming over to live, this would be a golden opportunity.  But I think he would catch on and keep the car for himself. 
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Of course the most fragile bridge is the human element.

You're putting together one guy with money who wants something cheaper than he can get here with another guy who wants money and opportunity for a period of up to 2 years - with a gazillion 3rd party hurdles along the way...

Wasn't saying it's an easy service, but with the massive disparity in luxury car values it's a potentially huge arbitrage opportunity for the right person...

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Won't work, the rules will change once something like that pops up and heaps of personal imports start Comming in, especially as they don't need to be complied they will say it becomes a safety issue, ps the gov never misses out on tax :)
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I'm open to all methods of funding my travels.

Pretty sure you have to show that they car was used here for the 12 months as well, running costs, insurance etc which some might not be happy with someone doing. Either that or you'd have to factor in a couple of visits to drive the pants off it

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Ive thought about this, would love to live overseas for a year or so..... and help someone bring back something nice.
there are several cars that would sell really well here in aus and would make it a sensible decision, you could efectivley live there for free.

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I bought my Boxer in as a Personal import, and sold it (had it bought off me)  without complying or registering it.

I heard the rules wer changing, and I'm not sure if was something like you had to own it for 5 years now, or maybe you could only do one car every 5 years... but there's some rule about it.

It's not a bad idea, but it would take some pretty big trust and luck each way for it all to work out.

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At the last Hot Rod meeting, it was mentioned that the rules were being reviewed.

One "rumor" that was discussed - they are looking at chancing it so you can do one vehicle only, forever.

At this time it's:

Applicants may only import one vehicle (under the scheme) every 5 years.


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we need deborah from that importing crowd to give us the low down.

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I have relos over there n close friends  there I am going to look into it...

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