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I essentially want one of everything, but here's my attempt at narrowing it down...

1.  Bowler Nemesis (or whatever Bowler's latest creation is) - seriously unbreakable offroad fun
2.  Chev Camaro IROC Z28 (mid 80s) - earliest memorable car mag article that really caught my imagination
3.  Jag E Type - classic, ground breaking for it's time
4.  Ferrari 355 - first Ferrari I drove
5.  Ferrari F40 - wanted one ever since I built one of those silly 1:24 scale models as a kid
6.  Mitsu Evo VIII MR - to flatter my deficient driving skills
7.  Lotus Exige - see Ash's recent article

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Megan Fox (see-thru)

Hmm, i haven't had the pleasure of driving this model....would love a crack though!!

For me i would have to say:

XJ220 (Just an incredible vehicle)
F430 F1 Spyder (was never a huge fan, but after driving one, not much has come close)
LP 670 SV (I have always wanted a murci, why not go one better!)
V8 Vantage (i so love the look and the noise, not to mention how you feel)
RR Drop Head (Why not?!?!? Seriously give me one good reason!)
TVR  Sagaris (Wow!)
Brabham BT19 (incredible man, incredible car!)
M3 E46 (Just too much fun not to have)
Range Rover Vogue (gotta take the family with you sometimes, might as well do it in comfort and style)
Ellenor Mustang GT500...(Seriously hot stuff)

I could go on for weeks as im sure you all could. But there's some of my weaknesses...

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In no order -

Lotus Esprit S4s
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
1967 GT500 Shelby Mustang
Ford GT40
1938 Phantom Corsair
SSK Mercedes
1939 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante Coupe
Sunbeam Tiger Mk2
Audi Quatto
Maybach Exelero

5.  Ferrari F40 - wanted one ever since I built one of those silly 1:24 scale models as a kid

lol - I almost read that as built one of those silly MR2 kits.........   :p

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hmmmm... I've driven/worked on/got intimate with all my dream cars without having to own them all.....

F50, silver with bordeaux or black
Miura S, (not SV) Silver with bordeaux or tan trim
Dino 246 GT, (GTS at a pinch) silver with bordeaux trim
Boxer 512BB (365 at a pinch) Carb, silver with bordeaux trim
250LM silver with black or bordeaux
288 GTO red with red/black
250GTO, silver with yellow band on front
Stratos 24V (12V at a pinch) kermit green or Alitalia with black trim
550 WSR, silver with bordeaux
360GT, silver
Hyundai Getz, black (tick  :tilt:)

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besides what I already have, I would get a
a torana a9x
a vl wakinshaw
a ferrari 360 (black)
a porsche 964 turbo s (black)
and i would get rid of the getz and get a mini cooper s black/silver for my daily.

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A few classics, 80's childhood dreams, and something a little newer...

First with the horses:

212 Export Vignale Spider
250 GT California Spider
288 GTO
430 Scud

And a few others:

McLaren F1 (silver)
Zonda R
Lamborghini Reventon (this is a "dream" garage?!?)
Lotus Exige S
Ariel Atom
'67 Cooper S (should have kept it  :( )

And an F1 or two to round things out...  :scratchchin:

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Road legal stuff only here... Not going to start on the list of race stuff... :D

Perfect garage:
Koenigsegg CCXR
The 962C Derek Bell Signature Edition

And the others:
Spyker C8 SWB topless
G Spyder
Carrera GT
Purple Diablo roadster (always wanted when from when I was young...)
3.0 CSL batmobile. Just awesome. Ideally the art car...
'69 Stingray in baboon arse red.
996 RS
993 GT2

Race stuff would include any pre-war silver arrows from Auto Union or MB and Group C monsters (pref Pork)...

If you're not wasted, the day is.

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993 GT2 (black)
Morgan Aero8 (hardtop blue & silver)
TVR Speed 12 (purple)
Pagani Zonda F (bare CF)
Salen S7 Twin Turbo
Ford Sierra RS500 (black)
Lambo LP640 (prima grey)
Spyker B8 Spider (Dark Grey)
Convict by heritage, Guilty by Choice

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