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yes UK's taking a real hammering, few or my buddies are knee deep in desperate city types dumping the toys

but buyer beware of UK cars, need to know what you are buying and looking at

interesting every call i have had for my 360 the first question is " is it aussie compliance"? :doh:

some real good deals going

cheers :thumbsup:
try it you may like !!!

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I'm getting calls/emails more and more frequently about it all too...

There seems to be a grey area regarding desciptions of cars for sale here.... Dodgy wording in this one as the car is NOT in Australia.

It's REALLY important to get cars inspected and researched thoroughly nowadays.

What I've found is that all these imports and ghost cars ASKING lowish numbers is simply damaging the aussie cars market price.

Typical call... "I see 360's are asking ~$180k, so I can get one for ~$150k, why are you asking ~$225k for your one"

I really don't care though. They all need fixing  :tilt:

Offline super squalo

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I absolutley agree, cheap imports as distinct from private imports where people  are relocating bringing their cherised steeds is acceptable , location pictures are usually a give away, hard to make the English countyside look like the aussie outback or burbs

what is happening is cars that have either been rebirthed or insurance repair jobs are being relocated, so be warned check it out  if its too good to be true it generally is !!

Get it fully inspected and talk to the Ferrari onwers club in the UK

what really sh..ts me is the openeing why is your car so expensive line, then is it Aussie compliance followed by i can buy one 50k cheaper, my response knock yourself out and buy it then

interesting times dont confuse distressed sales just to make it interesting

cheers :thumbsup:
try it you may like !!!

Back from the Dead

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