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Cops put brakes on Ferrari fraudsters

Conmen brothers who claimed to be the heirs to the Ferrari sports car fortune have been arrested after a five year world wide crime spree.

The Italian pair clocked up victims as far away as England, America, Norway, and Australia.

But they were finally arrested in Spain after one furious victim helped police track them down on the internet.

Luca Rippa, 22, and his brother Danilo, 28, falsely claimed to be the sons of Ferrari boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

Decked out in fake Ferrari jackets and clothes, the pair told victims they had been ripped off by a hooker and needed to borrow cash to get home to Italy where their father would reward them from his 400 million USD fortune.

They were caught while they were accompanying a potential victim to an ATM in Barcelona.

"These two are a phenomenon. Unfortunately they used their skills in a bad way. If they had used them in another way, they would have had a great career as actors," said the Ferrari boss.


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Luca Rippa

GOLD! (or beige, or silver)

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UCLA Police Department
Karl T. Ross, Chief of Police
November 28, 2005

For Public Distribution


West LA Police Department has identified a crime series that began in October of this year.

Young, 20-30 year old Japanese and Korean men are being victimized by a confidence (Con)
man. The suspect approaches the victims and presents a convincing story to evoke sympathy
from the victim and eventually convinces the victim to give him money, clothing and jewelry.
The suspect has used variations of the following story. He had been drugged by a female who
stole his wallet and he needed a loan to pay his rental car for his wedding the following day.
Sympathtic victims have taken the suspect to their banks, ATM machines and stores. They
have given him large amounts of money and bought clothing and jewelry for him.

The suspect is described as a male Italian, black hair, brown eyes, 5’ 7”/150 lbs. He has used
the following names: Danilo Rippa, Luca Rippa and Luca Poninfarina.

Reported to UCPD
On November 19 at 7pm, a male Asian was walking on Westwood Blvd when he was contacted
by suspect Luca Rippa. Rippa, appearing desperate, asked the victim for direction to LAX and
for money. Rippa called “his father” and his father convinced the victim to loan Rippa money.
Once the victim gave Rippa cash from his ATM, Rippa asked for a cashier’s check to pay his
rent. Rippa then stated he needed clothing and had the victim buy him clothing from an Armani
store. Rippa continued his con as he asked for a blank check to pay his rental car.

Suspect Description: Luca Rippa, Male, fair skin, brown hair, 5’10” 23-24 yrs, heavy Italian
accent, wearing white shirt, blue jean vest, blue jeans.

Suspect Vehicle: Black Chrysler, 4 door, Lic # 5MQD221 (rental)

If you have information regarding this incident please call UCPD at (310) 825-1491 or West LA
Police Department at (310) 444-0701.


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RGA Giorgio Armani - Jacket Hamden Reportage ripoff Connecticut

Submitted: 11/13/2004

*Consumer Suggestion ..Just got ripped off in Marina Del Dey California on the Fake Armani Jackets

Hey, I just fell for one too today. So sad to find out this way like everyone else.

Italian guy, Italian Accent, Italian Passport...... same story. . He said he was from italy and couldnt speak english very well.

Gotta go to Italy tonite and instead of paying taxes in Italy he would like to give me 3 mens Leather RGA jacket free if i bought 1 ladies jacket. Was selling it for $300 then i said i really dont need em. Then he convinced me...great gift.... blah..blah...blah... I said ok... I will give u $200. He agreed but still said he was losing too much and asked me to give him at least $220. He looked real innocent.

He was in New Haven, Connecticut area and was driving a blue suv (dont remember which one). It had a NJ plate... rental of course. I noticed he drove off right away after he got his cash.

I have never bought anything from people selling on streets, but the jackets really looked good and i thought they may make excellent gifts. This happened today Nov, 13 in Hamden, CT.... watch out guys.

New Haven, Connecticut

Pic :p

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This guy really got around :eek:

Melbourne, Australia

i got done by the same guy also today 8/6/7
i was having my lunch when an italian guy approached me cause he didn't know where he was and needed directions.

this led to that, that led to this, and so forth
he told me the same story he told every1, i have to go to italy, i dont wanna take these with me, i wanna do this and that. same sh**

he wanted to sell me a armani suit for $1800 and he said he'll give me a couple of leather jackets for free

i said i dont carry that amount of money on me. anyway, straight to the point, i told him ill give him 600 and he wanted more, so it ended up being 800

as he started to count the money, i knew something was up, so while he wasn't lookin, i took another 4 jackets, so i ended up with 7 jackets and a nice suit,

even though i got ripped off with fake stuff, it still looks good, and im gonna sell them,
so stuff that italian rat

Israel Zaken
Bannockburn, Australia
Same in Australia, BEENLEIGH

What happened. I was filling up fuel at 7/11 when a car pulled up and asked me for directions, he wanted to go to brisbane airport because his plane leaves in an hour, he said he was lost and wanted directions, so anyway he goes on to tell me that he has just come from a fashion show at the Sheraton mirage.

He said that he wants to get rid of the jackets before he goes to itally because if not he will have to pay tax on them. He said the jackets were original and were worth around $2000 each. He had 4 jackets and offered me $1300 and I can have them all, I said I didn't have much money, he was very persistent, then eventually I gave in paying 150 dollars each for them.

I have had a look on the internet and they are worth substantially less

Sydney, Australia
Got ripped in SYDNEY in silver Hyundai 4WD

Like the bloke above.

I got done, got 8 jackets for $600. My mum is a seamstress and says the stiching is decent, and jackets are decent. Espcially for only $80 each. I figured they were fake.

He had a passport, QLD plates, rental call, he arrived in Australia on 11/10/06, so all the italian must be having a big laugh at us. Heavy accent, and ALOT of tatts.

I hate being ripped, might call the coppers, but still did well. One jacket for day for Xmas,and father in law, my bro, and 4 more for me.

Lucky I didnt pay the $1,000 he was asking for.

Rydalmere, Australia
Got done as well in Rydalmere Sydney

Got scammed in Rydalmere today. Standing at the back of my office on the phone, guy pulls up and asks if I spoke Italian... When I told him I couldn't he's english suddenly got much better.. Same story as in other reports, 'just finished a fashion show at the convention centre, had to fly back to Italy that night and did not want to take the stock with him as he did not want to pay the taxes'> Trust me this guy is smooth!! I am a very street smart person and I don't believe I have ever been scammed before but this guy nailed me...

The story was he wanted $2000 for one suit and he would give me three leather jackets for free, we negotiated (as you do) and the deal ended up at three suits and eight leather jackets (everything he had) for $1800. I thought I had got him at that stage.. This guy had answers for everything, I asked him whose car it was? he showed me the euro car key ring. I asked him what airline he was flying, he pulled out plane tickets and a door card for the IBIS hotel. He was good, very good.

He was driving a small silver 4WD rego AL 60 D0 and if you are reading this 'Marco' following your success I'm not unhappy about the deal, I quite like all the jackets and the suits but becareful because one day you will cross my path again and I will give you a free flight back to Italy.

Perth, Nationwide, 6036
Submitted: 3/26/2008 3:15:06 AM
Modified: 3/26/2008 3:15:00 AM
Reported By
perth, Other

Ripoff Report Verified Safe

Just getting petrol at GULL petrol station Marmion ave butler at 10 am, 26 March, 2008, some New NISSAN X-Trail pulls up and some italian dude yells out ey can you help me find the airport ive got till 3pm to be at the international airport etc etc...

' I am manager of emporio giorgio armani ' (With either a cheesy accent or maybe the real thing) shows me ID along with countless cards and an AVIS car rental ticket (who knows if they are his) he said he has a problem that he would like me to help him out.

' This is my last day here i have to fly to italy at 3pm but my company has given me these 3 Leather Jackets and 1 Pure linen suit as bonus and i dont want to pay taxes at the airport, So if you like you can have them for the price of the material $900 '

Me 'No I dont like the suit, but (like a fool) I like the jackets '

'So I can sell to you the jackets 'friend to friend' (of course) for a price that will cover my rental car $600 '

'Too much make it $500 '

'OK We Have deal' Cha - Ching - SCAMMED HARD !!!!!!!

But hey got three fake rga jackets

When You read this Mr rip off man just think im one more person on your ever increasing ' People I Better not see again ' List. Because when i do .

Someone will catch you. And then...........................


etc etc

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I was doing some tarmac around the corner and I've got some left over, would you like your driveway done?


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I've been rich & I've been poor...

Rich is better

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Amazing people, all those reports say more about the 'victims' than they realise.
Laid low by their own greed, imho.

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