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  Up for   auction is the most perfect and stunning example of a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo   6.0
  Painted in Verde Ithaca, a highly sought after color in modern Lamborghini's and   offered here as the only Diablo 6.0 in the world sporting these liveries.
  Originally, this was a pearl yellow car with black interior and yellow piping,   after an 8 month restoration costing a small fortune; it is now placed on the   open market for sale to make way for something else. When we took delivery of   the car, it required a new drive shaft, as well as some TLC. It was at this time   we decided the route we took and went all out restoring the car. Every single   body panel was removed, all interior replaced or refinished & the entire drive   train overhauled. There isn't another Diablo in the world that has had this kind   of work performed to this date. You see many Miuras and Countach cars going   through this restoration process where specialists remove every single nut and   bolt and put the car painstakingly back together, well that's what we did with   this model. We even repainted the floor and frame, as well as replating every   single nut - bolt screw - washer etc.
  List of components replaced:

       New       clutch flywheel assembly[/q]
  •       New       drive shaft
  •       New CV       Joints and boot
  •       New       drive axle
  •       New       tires
  •       New       weather-strip
  •       New       engine wire harness
  •       New       interior seats
  •       New       emblems
  •       New       door handles and locks
  •       New       shock bushings qty 12
  •       New       upper control arm bushings
  •       New       lower control arm bushings
  •       New tie       rod ends
  •       Rebuilt       rack & pinion
  •       Rebuilt       rear differential
  •             Adjusted valves
  •       Rebuilt       alternator
  •       Rebuilt       Starter
  •       New       fuel lines and all filters
    Paint work.
             Complete stripped down body, all panels removed
  •       Painted       PPG 0077 Verde Ithaca, specific PPG paint, we used the exact same paint that       the factory used and the pearl and depth of the paint is incredible.
  •       You can       bend back the mirrors and see the green paint, pull back weather-stripping       and see green paint, in other words if we never told you the car was painted       this color outside the factory, you nor anyone else would ever know the       difference.
  •       All       suspension, including shocks - control arms - mounting brackets etc where       all powder coated the exact same color as factory spec.
    Drive   train.
       Engine       completed refinished to factory spec
  •             Transmission refinished to factory spec
  •       2WD       now, front diff removed, as well as drive axles and prop shaft. By doing       this, and installing a lightweight flywheel and exhaust, we reduced the cars       weight by 180lbs, this is a noticeable difference and acceleration is       amazing to say the least.
  •       All       fasteners and hardware was refinished to factory color and specs.
       Black       and carbon fibre
  •       Seats       are black, with green stitching and green piping; we used the exact color to       match the exterior paint.
  •       Door       sills black and green stitching
  •       E-brake       cover, green leather, with black and green stitching
  •       Dash,       black with black stitching.
      On a scale of 10, there is zero doubt this car is a 10. I welcome all   inspections and encourage you to do so, whoever inspects the car, am it an   official dealer or independent, will without doubt be amazed by the quality and   condition of the car.
  I've attached as many photos as I can, including before during and after of the   restoration.
  Reserve is set higher than the majority of most 6.0's, although the odometer   reads 45000, this I guess is subject, as the entire drive train looks like 10   miles. Think of this, a Miura SV that has had 50000 miles of use in its life   gets a full restoration, then gets sold for 1 million plus, it still has 50000   miles on the odo, but in reality, does it?

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Surprised he is selling it already, although his wife just gave birth to twins so.....

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Surprised he is selling it already, although his wife just gave birth to twins so.....

That's what I was thinking too.
You make something idiotproof, they'll make a better idiot.

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All that painstaking work, then he goes and pulls the front drive shafts off.  :doh:

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There is a beautifully restored (the best interior job, with alcantara everything) Yellow Lamborghini Diablo for sale (not advertised). We have seen it here at RamSpeed and know the owner. Owner asking around $150K and I believe is negotiable. One of the better examples I have seen in Australia.
RamSpeed | Automotive Perfection
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