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Fadi Ibrahim clings to life after being shot

WITH every new day hope continues to build for the family of Fadi Ibrahim, six days after a gunman attempted to kill him outside his North Shore home.

Ibrahim, 35, remained in an induced coma - in a critical but stable condition - after undergoing a series of scans yesterday at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Police are maintaining a 24-hour guard in the hospital's intensive care unit and family, including his brother John and sister Maha Sayour, have kept up an around-the-clock vigil.

A hospital spokesman said she was unaware of any immediate plans by surgeons to amputate Fadi's arm, hit at close range when the gunman struck outside the victim's $2 million house in Castle Cove on Friday night.

As the Middle Eastern organised crime squad and Chatswood detectives examined forensic evidence and interviewed witnesses, squad commander Superintendent Debbie Wallace said an arrest was not imminent "unless you can tell us who did it".

"There's a lot of work to do," Supt Wallace said.

An underworld source told The Daily Telegraph that nightclubs operated by the Ibrahim family in Kings Cross had been threatened by a bikie gang wanting their turf.

"This gang was up in the Cross demanding respect," he said, adding the same gang was responsible for a number of recent shootings.

Police said they were also investigating speculation that Fadi's wealth rose dramatically in recent years through alleged links to amphetamine manufacture and a loan-sharking operation.


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The crooks are rock solid, but the hitmen suck

By Chopper Read

BANG, bang you're dead. One in the guts and one in the head. Start the car and let's rock 'n' roll. Big blondes, cocaine, party and cheers.

One handgun, one box of shells, one hire car, one list of names and addresses. A hundred grand and a long weekend and your troubles are over, OK!

Boys that's how easy it is. What's all the fuss about?

Four shots in Hells Angel Peter Zervas and five in Fadi Ibrahim, brother of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim.

How can you shoot anyone that many times and not kill him and leave him alive to come after you?

Good killers seem impossible to find in Sydney. Maybe it's time to ring Melbourne, where I'm from, and import some good help.

If I was going to shoot the head of a bikie gang, or whatever, I'd make damn sure he was dead before I walked away. But this isn't so much a war between the bikies. It is a war between two cultural clans that have hated each other for hundreds of years.

I could explain the real historical reasons but they're probably not fit to print in a family newspaper.

Before I get carried away with why the Greeks hate the Muslims, what about those weak bikies.

The one good thing about them is that lot don't seem to be giving each other up. Which is a breath of fresh air, not going Crown's evidence against each other. When I was charged with shooting Syd Collins, the national leader of the Outlaws Motor Cycle Club, Syd couldn't stop talking.

He gave me up in the Supreme Court in Tasmania and I got sentenced under the Dangerous Criminals Act, never to be released.

So I am surprised and pleased to hear that Sydney crims, while not being the best shots in the world and the world's worst hitmen, are at least solid crooks who stick staunch in police stations.

My hat is off to both Zervas and Ibrahim for copping four and five shots respectively and keeping their mouths shut.

Sydney invented the drive-by shooting, its underworld can claim that. But you do produce a second rate, poor class of hitman.

Bye for now.


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John Ibrahim, the Teflon man of Kings Cross

John Ibrahim, the Teflon man of Kings Cross, looks after his own, writes Janet Fife-Yeomans

HEADING towards midnight, Kings Cross is heaving. Strip club spruikers, muscled doormen, pimps, prostitutes, drunks, dealers and spivs prowl the pavements. Cars cruise past along Darlinghurst Rd, looking for action.

Beneath the neon lights of one strip joint, someone is in trouble. He's being stood over by two men, pushing and shoving and itching for a blue. What saves him is that he is a friend of John Ibrahim. Ibrahim wades in, floors one of them with a punch and has the other punk pinned against the wall. Then from behind his back, the punk whips out a folded newspaper that falls away to reveal a kitchen knife.

None of Ibrahim's razor-sharp reflexes, honed through years of martial arts training, can help him now. He feels the cold steel of the knife slice through the skin of his stomach. All he can remember is his warm blood running down his legs and filling up his shoes.

The next few minutes follow in a blur. Two of his mates pick him up and, shouting for the crowds to move aside, carry him along the street towards St Vincent's Hospital as the ambulance races to meet them. The paramedics declare him clinically dead as they fight to save his life. Ibrahim has not only been stabbed, he has been gutted. The knife sliced through his liver, punctured a lung and ripped out his intestines.

For three weeks he lies unconscious in intensive care, followed by six months in a hospital bed. It takes 5000 stitches, internally and externally, to close the wounds. Twenty-four years later, Ibrahim's torso still bears the scar, like a zip from his belly up to his chest.

For a while after the stabbing, Ibrahim wore a band around the top of his arm which held a small triangular leather pouch. He has said the pouch, a gift from his grandparents, held "family shit". He wore it as his talisman because, he said, it kept his enemies away.

It worked like a charm. Apart from a conviction and $500 fine for assault and losing his driver's licence, he has never been in trouble. Like shit off a shovel, nothing sticks to John Ibrahim.

John Ibrahim tells a story as if he is lighting a blue touch paper and standing well back. He throws out the facts as if they are pieces of bait, then sits in the corner and watches who bites.

He likes to watch people, read them, see how they react. It is one of the ways he keeps himself one step up on everyone else and it is how he toys with the media. That the facts are often fluid only seems to add to his enjoyment.

The story seems to have begun when his parents came to Australia from Lebanon to visit family and decided to stay. Older brother Hassam "Sam" Ibrahim was born in 1966 and John Houssam Ibrahim on August 25, 1970, although his date of birth, along with his middle name, fluctuates on the business records that hold together his empire.

They settled in Parramatta where his mum felt at home but his dad, who had been a well-known businessman in Lebanon, couldn't speak the language and hated it. His father went back and forward to Lebanon while fathering another four children during his stays in Sydney: Fadi Donny Ibrahim, now 35, Michael Ibrahim, 30, and their two sisters, the oldest who married a distant relative overseas and the youngest, Maha Sayour, 32, who lives in South Wentworthville.

In one of his first media forays, Ibrahim wrote a chapter for a 1993 book called People Of The Cross: True Stories From People Who Live And Work In Kings Cross.

"My parents are Muslim but I think I'm the worst Muslim ever made," he wrote.

"I don't like family get-togethers at all. Being a Lebanese family, you have to kiss about 50 people before you sit down to eat. It's just not worth the food, no matter how good the food is."

Ibrahim said his father finally returned to Lebanon for good where "he was what you would call missing". He appears to have since been found and is back in Australia, although he has little contact with his family.

Ibrahim met the woman he has called the love of his life, Meagan, at a Blue Light Disco while still at school but they appear to have split up in 1995. He has a teenage son who has been attending an exclusive Sydney private school but without using the Ibrahim surname, to protect him from the controversy that bedevils the rest of the family.

That 15-year-old young gun who scrapped on the pavements of Kings Cross has become the chisel-faced, tanned and sharply-dressed king of the Cross. The king of cool. It has been a while since John Ibrahim had to use his own fists to sort out his problems. Almost everywhere he goes, his bodyguard, "Tongan Sam", goes first, making sure his boss is safe, calling ahead for the bulletproof black Bentley to be waiting.

When they do the rounds of the 17 Kings Cross clubs that Ibrahim has an interest in, the doormen almost bow and the young Lebanese wannabes waiting in the queues all want him to notice them. They want to be like him and why wouldn't they?

The man who left school as soon as he could and bought into his first nightclub, The Tunnel, at the age of 19, now lives in a clifftop mansion on George St, Dover Heights, which he owns along with other properties through a maze of companies, including Edge Point Holdings. The mansion, with an infinity-edge swimming pool, is in the middle of an $800,000 renovation.

Ibrahim is a fitness freak who says he doesn't do drugs, a two-pot screamer who doesn't like to drink. But he loves travelling to the bright lights of Las Vegas and Asia, often treating his mates to trips with him. On one tour, he was joined by brother Fadi, Nomads bikie Todd O'Connor and Mehmet Gulasi, Paris Hilton's Sydney driver.

Nightclub security manager O'Connor was shot and killed last year and Gulasi was arrested on New Year's Day carrying drugs in a car police alleged was registered to John Ibrahim. He was later convicted and fined $500 for possessing 2.5g of cocaine and driving without a licence, for which he was fined $1000 and banned for three months.

Like brother John did 24 years ago, Fadi is now fighting for his life in hospital after being shot while sitting in his Lambourghini in an ambush outside his high-security Castle Cove home last week. Ibrahim has said he learned early on that it is not what you know, but who you know - on both sides of the fence. He was a driver for the late crime boss, George Freeman, and paid his respects to his mate, Lennie "Mr Big" McPherson.

At the same time he was holidaying with corrupt cop Charlie Staunton and had a brief tryst with Kings Cross policewoman Wendy Hatfield, who joined him on a scuba-diving trip. Hatfield strenuously denies the allegations.

It was drug dealer Bill Bayeh who thrust Ibrahim into the criminal limelight when tapes of him were played at the 1995 Police Royal Commission. Bayeh was taped saying he wanted Ibrahim, his brother Sam and their mate, Russell Townsend, out of the Cross because they were threatening his drugs empire.

Ibrahim cheerily denied allegations he was the new lifeblood of the Cross drug trade, as he has denied countless other allegations since, beating a charge of murder and of threatening a witness.

He was described in court proceedings several years ago as being "the subject of 546 police intelligence reports in relation to his involvement in drugs, organised crime and association with outlaw motorcycle gangs".

He has said that what is important to him are family first, his mates second.

With their father overseas, he became a dad to brothers Michael and Fadi. Not a day has gone by this week when he hasn't visited Fadi at Royal North Shore Hospital.

He is also a father figure to George Freeman's two sons, David and Adam.

Ibrahim's Teflon finish has rubbed off on some of his family members - just this year, police found $3.8 million stashed in the ceiling of Ms Sayour's home. It allegedly belonged to Michael and Fadi. Fadi Ibrahim has had several hundred thousand dollars seized by the NSW Crime Commission. No one has been charged over the money in either case.

Sam Ibrahim is a former branch president of the Nomads motorcycle club, which splintered in 2007 to form a new club, Notorious. He denies any link to Notorious.

However, Michael Ibrahim is currently serving 6 years for killing Robin Nassour, the brother of Fat Pizza comedian George Nassour.

In that 1993 book, John Ibrahim gave an insight into what drives him: "Society conditions you from the minute you go to school to be a good citizen, work and keep quiet. You live out your life, pay all your debts to the government, and you really haven't enjoyed any of it. It's the people who don't listen to that, the ones that break away, who let their minds grow, who end up getting somewhere."


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Ibrahims keep code of silence

IBRAHIM family members have been interviewed by police, but have refused to help identify suspects in the shooting a week ago of their brother Fadi.

A police source said the investigation was further complicated by the brothers' long list of enemies.

"There are that many options that could be legitimate," the source said. A special joint task force called Strike Force Proudfoot has been set up to investigate the shooting at 11.30pm on June 5 that left Fadi fighting for his life.

Officers have been frustrated by a wall of silence surrounding the Ibrahim family, despite the fact prompt police action at the scene of the shooting possibly saved Fadi's life.

Senior police have been in regular contact with John Ibrahim during the week, but sources said the 38-year-old had not divulged any information. Ibrahim last week changed all the security codes on his house for increased protection.

A close friend told The Sunday Telegraph the family believe their homes have been bugged by police.

Ibrahim, who is always protected by his bodyguard "Tongan Sam", told friends he could not understand why his brother had sat in his car outside his house.

"It's rocked them and they don't understand why his car was parked out the front and why he didn't drive just straight in," the friend said. "They just can't believe he of all of them copped it."

 Fadi's mother has spent the week by her son's bedside, as he fought for his life. "She's been up at the hospital a lot. She's up there praying," the friend said.

A junior officer from the Chatswood police station was the first to arrive on the scene and performed vital CPR on Fadi.

Police had no intelligence prior to the shooting that a hit on an Ibrahim was imminent. The joint task force is a collaboration between police from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, who are leading the investigation, and officers from the North Shore local area command.

Based at Chatswood, team members have taken part in rolling, high-level briefings with senior officers to formulate a strategy for the case. At least a dozen detectives are attached to the investigation, which is said to have made "significant inroads".

A source close to the police case said that during one briefing, Proudfoot team members were warned by their commanding officer, Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans, to expect a "protracted" investigation.

The officers were also specifically instructed to treat the shooting as any other attack on two innocent civilians.

Another officer close to the investigation told The Sunday Telegraph that allegations of bikie involvement, drugs and loan-sharking as a motive for the shooting would be dealt with "as they arise".

Police have been keeping in daily contact with surgeons treating Fadi at the Royal North Shore Hospital amid serious concerns for his condition, which is now serious but stable.

A spokesperson for the hospital said Fadi's condition had improved in the past few days, but would not comment further on efforts to save one of his arms.

Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace, commander of the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, said police were doing everything in their power to minimise the chance of reprisals.

"Any public act of violence such as this is of great concern to police, and we will continue to dedicate all necessary resources to the investigation," she said.

"Anyone with information about the incident who has not yet spoken with detectives is urged to contact their local police or Crime Stoppers."

With his girlfriend, Shayda Bastani Rad, unable to identify the gunman, police are fearful their investigation will suffer a serious setback if Fadi, like his brothers, refuses to provide a statement.

Members of the Ibrahim family had been interviewed during the days after the shooting but had provided "nothing so far" on who could be behind the attack, the police source said.

A statement by John Ibrahim, 38, the brother considered the family's head, said he had "absolute faith" in the police investigation.

A statement read out by his solicitor, Stephen Alexander, last week said: "My client wishes to dispel any speculation that there will be any retaliation on, or on behalf of, the Ibrahim family."

John Ibrahim has refused to speak with the media. "John just cares about the rehabilitation of his brother," Mr Alexander said on Friday.

Asked to comment on whether the family was co-operating with police, Mr Alexander said: "I don't know. I will speak to John and, if he wants to say something, he will."

Court records reveal John, Michael and Fadi Ibrahim have had several encounters with the law, although John has not been convicted of a criminal offence. He was convicted of assault as a minor.

Records show that in October, 1998, the director of public prosecutions dropped a charge of murder against John Ibrahim.

In June of that year, proceedings against John on two charges of common assault and one of threatening a person with intent to influence a witness were dropped.

In May, 2005, proceedings were also dropped against John on two charges of perverting the course of justice and one of threatening to cause injury to a potential juror or witness.

Fadi, 35, was sentenced in June, 2002 to two years' periodic detention, with a one-year parole, after pleading guilty to a charge of intent to influence a witness.

The youngest member of the Ibrahim family, Michael, 30, is serving a six-and-a-half-year prison sentence for manslaughter.


Michael and his cousins, Mouhamed and Sleiman Tajjour, pleaded guilty to killing Robin Nassour, the brother of former television star George Nassour, in January, 2006.


A fourth man connected to the crime, Faouzi Abou Jibal, was shot dead while on the run from police after Robin Nassour's death.


Fadi's girlfriend, Shayda Bastani Rad, was engaged to Abou Jibal at the time.

The attack on Robin Nassour was sparked when he and his brother were refused entry to a nightclub guarded by the doorman, Michael Ibrahim.

A fight broke out after Robin made a rude gesture to his brother, George, which was interpreted by Michael as being directed at him.

The brothers were later lured to an apartment block at Chiswick, in Sydney's inner western suburbs, where they were set upon by the group and stabbed.

Robin Nassour died from a severed artery. George was also injured in the attack.

Michael will be eligible for parole on March 15, 2013.


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The photo on theage.com confirms the Lambo's plate is [034].

I kept a copy of the original photo when it first happened (was half way to Melb in mhh's Porsche!) as I knew subsequent pics published would have it rubbed out.

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There is a new coffee available in Ascot Vale.
It's called the "Des Moran Espresso".
It's three shots, costs tuppence, and it's guaranteed to blow your head off !

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Taxpayers foot bill for Fadi Ibrahim's police protection

    Investigations are continuing and detectives are keeping an open mind about the circumstances of the incident and the man remains under police guard in hospital.

Taxpayers are reportedly paying $120 an hour for the police protection of shot underworld figure Fadi Ibrahim.

According to News Ltd, the 16 days he's spent in Royal North Shore Hospital has already cost $46,000.

The around-the-clock operation for the brother of Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim, is expected to continue throughout his lengthy recovery.

The $2880 a day bill is paid despite the 35-year-old having suspected links to loan sharking and the receipt of proceeds of crime.

Mr Ibrahim was shot five times, and his girlfriend Shayda Bastani was shot once, when they were ambushed by a gunman as they sat in a black Lamborghini outside his Castle Cove home in Sydney's north on Friday, June 5.

He was hit in the arm, chest and stomach and Ms Bastani, 23, suffered a leg wound when a weapon was fired through the car window about 11.25pm (AEST) while it was parked in Neerim Road.

Detectives from Strike Force Proudfoot, established to investigate the shooting, spoke briefly with Mr Ibrahim last Wednesday, after he woke from an induced coma.

"Detectives are continuing to follow strong lines of inquiry and have made significant inroads into the shooting, a police statement said last week.

"Investigations are continuing and detectives are keeping an open mind about the circumstances of the incident and the man remains under police guard in hospital."


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Ibrahim shooting: brother pledges 'police guard money' to charity

June 22, 2009 - 5:12PM

Kings Cross night club baron John Ibrahim has offered to donate the equivalent cost of providing police protection for his wounded brother in hospital to charity.

An angry Mr Ibrahim said today he was upset at a Sydney newspaper report which said NSW taxpayers so far have had to foot a $46,000 bill for a police guard on his 35-year-old brother Fadi.

Fadi is recovering in the Royal North Shore Hospital after being shot five times by a gunman outside his Castle Cove home 17 days ago.

Mr Ibrahim, 38, said in a statement issued through his solicitor Stephen Alexander that he would not allow State tax payers to foot the bill to protect his brother - estimated at $120 and hour.

"Mr John Ibrahim wishes to put on the record that the NSW tax payers will not be at a loss as he will donate the amount that it takes the NSW police to protect his brother to the Royal North Shore Hospital intensive care unit," Mr Alexander said.

He said Fadi, who was transferred from the ICU late last week to a public ward after coming out of an induced coma after four operations to five gun shot wounds to his right arm, torso and abdomen, was "still doing it tough".

However, Mr Alexander said: "Mr Fadi wishes to dispel any speculation about his current medical condition.

"He has advised that the operations undertaken were successful and it is not expected that he will be losing his right arm or will have to use a colostomy bag."

Mr Alexander said that, against the wishes of the Ibrahim family, police had placed a round-the-clock guard on his brother following his admission to the hospital.

The gunman, who is still being hunted by a police strike force, struck shortly after Fadi parked his black Lamborghini outside his Neerim Road mansion at 11.30pm on Friday June 6.

His girlfriend Shayda Bastani who was sitting in the passenger seat received a single gunshot wound to her right leg.


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