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Just noticed this C32 on Carsales. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/mercedes-c32-2002-13249610

Is Leon a member here? Anyone know the car? Still a little way off being ready to buy, but always on the lookout for a bargain.

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Haha! they could have at least washed it!

W203s were built in the Chrysler reign of horror and are best avoided. Even my W204 isn't the best benz has put together!

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Hey, funny your asking about that car.  Me too!  I also saw that car on carsales.  Yes, its cheap!  Was thinking either that or a W210 E55. The pre-2000 as I like the side skirts better than the 2000-2002 model.  But the W210 E55 look dated. So maybe even a clk55 or Audi S4 B6.  Still undecided!

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This is missing a comment from someone that joined in April???

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Hey Simon

Interesting thoughts. I have looked at the E55's, but not in the flesh. I thought i would jot down my musings, to see if you or anyone agrees/disagrees on my observations, and to elicit a few more opinions.

E55 + More presence (size) on the road. Better looking instrument cluster. Bragging rights of a v8

E55 - Older styling, does look quite dated. Centre console and steering wheel very dated.

C32 + More modern styling. More up-to-date interior. A lot better looking wheels (? debatable I guess).

C32 - Don't like the main instrument cluster.

Both cars are definitely wolf is sheep's clothing material, but maybe more so the C32, because of it's smaller size.

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That cheap car is still on carsales  But apparantly sold.
DonGreen):  Yes, I agree.  The w210 e55 is very reliable.  More so than the C32.  But the C32 has features / equipement that the E55 doesn't.  Such as sat nav, tv, trip computer, all have parking sensors, 10 airbags, tractiion control etc.  I think I may just keep my options open.  If I see a sweet w208 clk55, w210 e55 or c32 at the right price, I'll consider them all.

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C32 wheels look better? Youre kiddin me arent ya? Hahaha!! Those Monoblocks are an AMG icon. It was one of the very few ways you could tell it was an AMG back then!!

I too looked at that car for a while and ended up passing on it, having an 05 W203 and an 04 C203 in the family and myself being a very long time driver of the W202, i always felt the W202 was a better built car.

So i bought a C43 last friday, and its the best thing i ever did. Its all my opinion, but this is a better built car than a 203.

I havent driven a 2000 CLK55 or E55, be interested to see how they stack up against my C43 though.

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