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The bubble is from it before it was finish, now it is TITS clean :)

Car is amazing, just dynoed at 700awhp.  Will put video on www.youtube.com/vividracing later today.

Well this project is about 9 months in the making, so alot went wrong, alot went right.  This combo is where it is at.  We are using a Mustang AWD dyno which reads low, so on a Dyno Jet, this thing would be even faster.  It drives great on the street and will have drag times this friday!

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Just hit the dyno today.  Did 3 runs.  First one the intercooler hose popped off and it made 600awhp.  2nd run did 697awhp.  3rd and final run did 756awhp.  We are running this on a Mustang ALL WHEEL DRIVE Dyno with a parasitic multiplier of 1.0.  Temp was 82F and we were running a max of 1.5bar on 109octane.  You can see the screen shot showing the power...  Drag times and 60-130 times coming on Friday night, posting saturday.


The dyno plot shows a dotted line and solid line.  The dotted line is our runs before the new 3inch Ypipe, Agency Power Throttle Body/Plenum Upgrade, and Cold Air Intake System.  You can see that once the turbos kicked in at 3600rpm, the car pulled MUCH stronger to redline with the new setup.  Questions, comments, let me know.




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So white wheels and me in a red helmet would be to funny ???  :D

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3rd and final run did 756awhp

That's just silliness.  Well done.   :D

So white wheels and me in a red helmet would be to funny ???  :D

No, just the right amount of funny I think.

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on a related side note, I got an interesting old girl in this week for a wheel alignment...

a 1981 Kremer modified 930 ......  eek  :eek:

I concur with one of the above comments.... Any Details? My mate sold his a little while back (Silver one) and we arnt sure where it ended up... That car made me a massive Porsche fan...

Oversteer Scares The Passengers , Understeer Scares The Driver

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I didn't take any pics.

It's an original Oz car. Currently white, but was orignailly brown/bronze, with brown interior.

Stage 2 kit I think they call it.... BIG turbo and HUGE intercooler, big alloy brake callipers. Cute LED boost guage, up to 1.1 Bar.

4 speed gearbox.... ridiculous thing, more like 8 speed.... off boost, accelerate then suddenly KABOOM boost arrives, quick pluck another gear, all calm again for a while then KABOOMSKI again! Fukn 'ell, can I get out now  :scared:

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Took the car drag racing. Was a beautiful 80F. I have the perfect car, great weather, and I suck at launching car... Driver Wanted!

Best ET was 11.16. Best Trap was 134.37mph. At 135mph they kick you off unless you have a NHRA license. Comparing times on this site and DragTimes.com, this is a 10.60 car. Soon... Enjoy the video montage.



I also got some PBox numbers. Not excited, but they are decent considering I have never done this before. I expect a faster 60-130mph. I need advice on gear to start in etc. 0-60 and 0-100mph were good expect the terrible launches.

0-60mph - 3.76sec.  Goal is 3.5sec

0-100mph - No Goal

60-130mph - 7.14sec.  Goal is 6.50sec

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The Texas Mile is one of the ultimate tests of a vehicles power, aerodynamics, and the skill of the driver. With all types of vehicles ranging from stock Camaro’s and Shelby Mustang’s to 1000+ horsepower Viper’s and Corvette’s, standing mile speeds range from 150mph to 200+mph. Vivid Racing of Gilbert, Arizona attended the highly anticipated event with their VR800 Porsche 997 Turbo October 16 and 17 after a 20 hour drive to Goliad County Industrial Airport. The flat blue wrapped 997 Turbo was equipped with a full Vorsteiner VRT Aero Kit featuring carbon fiber ducts, diffuser, and front lip spoiler. With HRE P40 Monoblock 19 inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires and JIC Cross suspension, the platform was set to deliver power from 0-200mph. The VR800 kit which was developed in house after months of testing on the street, dyno, and racetrack by Vivid Racing, uses Agency Power products consisting of GT3076rs turbochargers and Tial 44mm external wastegates. In combination with a larger Agency Power throttle body plenum kit, 3 inch Ypipe, high flow intercoolers, straight pipes, and custom ECU tuning by Softronic, the VR800 Porsche 997 Turbo was able to put some impressive numbers at the Texas Mile. As the fastest 997 Turbo at the 2009 event, the VR800 ran the standing mile in 196mph. With a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and a 60-130 time of 6.33 seconds, the Porsche was well respected by enthusiasts, competitors, and spectators alike.

The VR800 kit is engineered to work and function off the stock engine internals with basic and reliable bolt on components. Utilizing the best and only OBDII flash tuning for the 997 Turbo by Softronic inconjunction with Agency Power performance products, the VR800 kit maintains complete driveability while delivering this intense performance gain.

Now how could we have reached our goal of 210mph...
Full 109 Race Gas, we had a mix of 100 and 109.
Rear diffuser. The rear bumper acted like a giant parachute.
Put mix of 75/25 Meth and Water for our AEM injection system. We had more water.
Work with Greddy settings to maintain boost. Video showed the car peaking at 1.51bar but maintaining only 1.3bar of boost.

Check out our Texas Mile Video at www.youtube.com/vividracing


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Love your site and the 997TT. 

Dyno's must read differently in the States (Mustang's read higher than Dyno Dynamics).

My R32 GTR trapped 133 mph with an 11.054 ET on the way to a 7.1 60-130 and 0-60 of 3.4 time in the same run with 454kw at the wheels (608hp) on pump fuel 98 RON (93 US)

There's a good, deep 10 second pass in your car for sure!  Like me looking at your PB data you have a lot of mechanical sympathy!

I'm eying off some of those fabspeed bypass pipes with cats though, you have some GREAT stuff on your site.

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